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  1. I'm staying at my grandparents house for a week. That means unless I can get my older brother to let me use his laptop, I can't post any more pictures.
  2. I have a camera but I can't find the charger so I have to use my phone for now.
  3. Thanks man, that means a lot too me! btw, I checked out some of your drawings. I like your playful style!
  4. Sadly, I can't yet. I can only draw well if I'm trying to copy another picture/drawing.
  5. sahfb uerksenk This is really good! Please don't stop making them!
  6. So, I'm new to the forms and figured why not post some of my "art". I'm not very good at drawing people yet so I'm just practicing. Now behold, MY CRAPPY CAMERA QUALITY! *dun dun duuuuu* based on art by Raven Crow