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  1. What is up with my subconscious and zombies? Most of my nightmares in recent years have zombies or some form of flesh eating monstrosities in them. Maybe I'm just really disturbed by flesh eating on a subconscious level?

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    2. MenaAthena


      Well, there are obviously things that most people wouldn't want to eat whether it's cooked or not, but pretty much yeah.

      And I don't think my problem is with flesh eating in general, just human flesh eating, or perhaps being eaten alive. Could be either one.

    3. XirmiX


      Eat them back may be? Oh, sorry, won't work for you, I guess...

    4. Asparagus


      Try this exercise: Have a mosquito suck on your blood... then catch it and eat it...


      Should make you get over that... or make it worse...