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  1. Somewhat unfortunate but I agree. One of the people up in arms about it already found the solution: ask on forums to start a group. IMO klei should just start right now with a "group builder" sub-forum. I have played DST fully on public servers so far (30 hours) with no problems and will continue to do so. And the level I'm at in the game someone would need to spend a few hours literally burning every single biome to mess up the game. Clownbaby has been running an open server for awhile so he ran into a lot of griefers. The most he lost while I was there was a bunch of wooden walls and 50 grass/50 twigs, but all of those were replaced within a few days. I've seen people at high level days in the base game/ROG who only have say 15 berry bushes, "Oh yea that was an unfortunate fire that happened..", in DST it might be, "Oh yea that was some loser..". Annoying yes, but I don't see a reason to start taking away peoples keys or spending Klei man hours on anti-griefer code. Modders can handle it if needed and otherwise make good groups with people who truly want to play.
  2. No I'm pretty sure right now you get reduced to a minimum of 30 health through telltale heart revives, another heart revive after that and you are still at 30. However, if you craft a meat effigy yourself after that, you die permanently and are returned to the character select screen.