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    Wall Gates

    i use standalone version, is this one up to date? i will try when i get home though
  2. esoccerd

    Wall Gates

    how about hammering down a mispalced gate? my game crashes
  3. Oh i know how much work it takes. I can moderately understand the code but writing it is a whole different story, i respect what you do. Something I would love to learn in the near future. Now seems most things work in your mod besides a few bugs but i haven't fully tested it with my controller since i only briefly started a new game to see what would happen. But do you think there is an easy fix to the game unpausing when i select or move an item? This is something i would love to have fixed because i love the mod. Would the neat version be any different you think? What exactly is that version? I noticed it has its own "always on status" stuff. Sorry if that is posted somewhre, i must of overlooked it. anways, thanks for help. if you need a guinea pig with controller features i would be happy to help.
  4. okay seems i have it working fine. i was going to try you way but decided to try a new game with the mod and it worked. BUT couple problems, could be controller bugs. when i pout on a backpack, in particular the krampus, it is offest by like half an inventory box to the left hanging off the edge of the "wood hud". issue i can live with but would like to find out how to clean up. when i go to my inventory, it usually pauses but now it seems when i select an item to move or whatever the game resumes when usually it does not. this is very annoying, can't deal with this. always on status seems to not want to agree with RPG HUD + my controller. i even tried it without your mod RPG HUD and crashes when i go to exit inventory or craft menu. that i can live without having enabled even though it looks so nice with everything enabled. Not sure what to do there...thought I would post my trial and error. may experiment more tomorrow but exhausted. Most of this could be just controller issues but if you have a quick idea i would love to see! I don't want you sweating over it though i will live.
  5. Been almost year since last update, but just now seeing this. Have you fixed the image in the crafting tab? and this could be a silly question...but they don't activate like the ruin nightmare cycles do right? I assume not or i feel like you would say so
  6. huh, never thought about that one. I will test it out and let you know.
  7. Question so I had the good idea of hammering down the tiki torch since i didnt like where i placed it after a few days building my base. Well the game crashes once the task is compelte, like it wasnt written in the code to allow for that. Is this normal? Same with the deerclops. when i heard it coming after me I ran to my base but the game crashed which i assume he was in my base and wrecking the tiki torches resulting in the same error with hammering them down, but had some deerlops prefab files giving me errors along with tiki torch errors. just curious if this was an recurring error or could be fixed? Thanks!
  8. Speaking of patience, any idea when this will work with a controller? I love playing with my controller because im lazy and like to lay on the couch
  9. question about this mod when i go to craft, the game stop no problem there. but when i go to craft the item in the world the game stops when i stop moving. my roomate has the same mod and says that it is supposed to do in order to place things better but when i try to press A to craft, it won't. could you point me towards to the code to maybe fix that or change to not stop when i stop moving? using a xbox controller by the way. if it is an issue with that is there any easy code to add for me to add it with A button? Thanks!
  10. I have a question about this mod. I installed it and everything but when i go to load my saved game, the game crashes. I like using my xbox controller to play Dont Starve so RPG HUD wouldnt work for me so I came to yours. I looked at your versions and chooses are either use Six Feet Under or Moderately Friendly, do these work by themselves without requiring other mods? I would love to fix this stupid concept in the game and wear everything. I just started with Dont Starve mods so bear with me. Solved it...anyone else have issue with this loading, do not enable small textures like the description says. i never knew i turned it on and caused my save game to never start. Now if only I can figure out why my inventory sticks out 2 on the left for inventory and 2 on the right for backpack/amulet slots I will be in good shape.