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  1. Better Quakes

    Version 1.1


    This mod changes the way that Earthquakes drop items. Earthquakes in the Caves will drop the regular items, but marble will drop slightly more often and there is a very small chance of getting a purple gem. In the Ruins, there is a very low chance that "non-renewable" gems will drop. The chances of finding these gems is slightly better than tumble-weeds (~0.5% chance per earthquake), but you'll have to deal with the dangerous denizens of the Ruins to get them! Also, Slurtles and Rock Lobsters will eat these gems if they find them, so good luck! [Note: For practical purposes, this mod has negligible impact on game balance.]
  2. I've been playing Don't Starve since the early days (before insanity was a thing), and the slow-down experience on my laptop has been very consistent on older worlds for every version of the game - as well as with other games that use LUA. The universal "solution" to the problem is to despawn entities after a certain period of time, or at a certain distance from the player. In the world of Don't Starve, that would not be a practical solution since your entire base would vanish if you walked far enough away! Imagine if leaving your axe on the ground meant it would disappear after 5 minutes! Here is the over-simple explanation of the problem and how to "fix" it on your world: When you have more than a certain amount of "stuff" in your world, LUA runs inefficiently, sucking down unnecessarily huge amounts of CPU power and memory space. To fix this problem, you need to reduce the amount of "stuff" in your world. Kill off the hordes of spiders and beefalo; pick up all the rot, pinecones, and excess flowers. Clean up the piles of dead things in the swamps. Don't use huge quantities of tooth traps! Forests of burnt trees are bad - chop them down and pick up all the junk. Currently, there is a huge problem with rock lobsters in older worlds since they over-breed and are difficult to dispose of. There are several mods that deal with this in creative ways.