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  1. igalblech Sign Outsmooth-landing AdvancedDownloads View New ContentForumsDownloadsKlei Entertainment Forums → Downloads → Don't Starve → Custom Character and Skins → Writhe, Maxwell's last friend SubmitterMr. Tiddles View other files from this member File InformationSubmitted: Jun 27 2014 09:59 AMLast Updated: Jun 27 2014 11:10 AMFile Size: 5.83MBViews: 3621Downloads: 1307 DownloadWrithe, Maxwell's last friend 1.0 9 Votes [Reign of Giants] [Dont Starve- Base] 8Follow this file My second ever mod character, brought back to be released! Also the inspiration for my now abandoned Wurbert character. Here's a video of an earlier version by the brilliant Jon from Jardev! Spoiler Writhe is one of the shadow creatures, but he was mentally challenged, and could never fit in. So the others bullied him, trying to kill him off. Maxwell pitied Writhe, and defended him best he could. As he grew weaker, his last option was to send Writhe out into the open world, as far away from the other shadows as possible. Writhe sees Maxwell as his farther figure. STATS: -Health =120 -Hunger = 180, and can only eat meat and nightmare fuel. -Sanity = 1, and constantly drains. - Short vision -Can't equip any hand-slot items due to him having blades for arms. Instead he has the armguards listed below. +Walks 1.2 times normal speed. +Teleports a short distance when attacked. +Attacks deal more damage over time. Instead of attacking once, he jumps into the air and wildly slashes at enemies. While he does more damage, this can not be interrupted and leaves him vulnerable. He also does lots of damage unarmed. Can examine shadow creatures! Eating nightmare fuel will give back: 1 sanity 34 health 6 hunger Items: Daddy's Spare coat: The dapper coat Maxwell wears in adventure mode! While wearing it, Writhe will stop losing and gain sanity during the day, and the sanity loss during night is slowed by a lot. Sack of Helpful goods: A sack that spawns next to him when a new game starts. Gives 3 charcoal, 2 meat, and the Divine-O-Pones in adventure. Divine-O-Phones: Headphones he only gets in adventure mode. Not only do they tell you where the things are, you can also make them play music by right-clicking on them while they're equipped. Rather Plain Armguards: Works as a mining pick and axe. Mines at 20% speed and chops at 30%. Very slow! Swiss Arm-y Guards: Works as a mining pick, axe, and shovel. Mines at 30% speed and chops at 40% normal. Gives an extra 12 damage to your attacks. Still very slow. Requires science machine. Kingly Armguards: Works as a mining pick, axe, hammer, and shovel. Mines at 50%, chops at 60%, hammers at 40%, and gives an extra 18 damage to your attacks. Requires Alchemy Engine Handy Man's Maces: Works as a mining pick, axe, shovel, and hammer. Mines at 70%, chops at 80%, and hammers at 60%. Gives and extra 24 damage, and also functions as a divining rod. Requires a repaired Pseudo Science Station to craft. So you need to go to the ruins! Flamey-Wamey Thingadoo: A long-lasting torch. Breaks after running out of fuel. You can also shoot fireballs at enemies to ignite them, but this uses a lot of fuel. Mole-Whacker Mollet: Acts as a very weak hammer. Can also be used to whack moleworms. and pick them up to make the rain hat. Only available with Reign of Giants. Sticky Snatchers: Act as a bugnet. Simple as that. Known issues: If you quit and rejoin a save while wearing the Divine-O-Phones, you have to take them off and put them back on for the music to work. Screenshots Page 1 of 6 1 2 3NEXT »SepopolisJun 27 2014 10:23 AMUm Dude he cant eat cooked berries Like ThisQuote ReportAleksQuestJun 27 2014 10:24 AM(O_O) it's... "amazing"... Like ThisQuote ReportSepopolisJun 27 2014 10:35 AMAnd also what can he use as a weapon? Like ThisQuote ReportMr. TiddlesJun 27 2014 10:48 AMSepopolis, on 27 Jun 2014 - 10:35 AM, said: Reading the description might help you find out about that and why he can't eat berries. Like ThisQuote ReportRaresh32Jun 27 2014 11:51 AMGreat mod Mr Tiddles, you rule! Like ThisQuote ReportluivulJun 27 2014 12:37 PMSepopolis, on 27 Jun 2014 - 10:23 AM, said: He can only eat meat. Like ThisQuote ReportMr. TiddlesJun 27 2014 12:38 PMluivul, on 27 Jun 2014 - 12:37 PM, said: And nightmare fuel. Like ThisQuote ReportluivulJun 27 2014 04:47 PMWhen will you upload this on workshop? Like ThisQuote ReportSpookers the SpooJun 27 2014 05:18 PMHe-hey! You got it published! Like ThisQuote ReportMr. TiddlesJun 27 2014 05:49 PMluivul, on 27 Jun 2014 - 4:47 PM, said: Already have. Like ThisQuote ReportPage 1 of 6 1 2 3NEXT » Ads by OnlineBrowserAdvertisingAd Options 561 Total Files 13 Total Categories 243 Total Authors 1298208 Total Downloads William Carter Latest File Maximum124 Latest SubmitterFiles Recently Uploaded New FilesKlei Entertainment Forums → Downloads → Don't Starve → Custom Character and Skins → Writhe, Maxwell's last friend Privacy Policy Community Standards · Change Theme English Mark Community Read Help
  2. This is genius! Love Al! So were is peggy ?