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  1. First of all i'm sorry for my language as i'm not english... Also excuse me if there is any post related to this one. I was wondering to myself how the character select would work in DST. So i thought that maybe, instead or in addition of the known characters, we could create our owns. It could be really easy, with in the first part, 500 points to dispatch in hunger, life and sanity (ithink all the characters have that amount of points). There would be one or two special abilities to select from a pre established list (like growing beard for Wilson or the ability to summon a ghost for Wendy). With it, i think there must be a negative one to choose (like the castor transformation for Woodie, the environment that ignites with the low sanity points for Willow). And of course it could have a design part, with preselected avatars or maybe a custom possibility. If anybody has an idea, please talk about it, i would love to create my character in DST, and without the use of mod if possible... Thanks for reading and sorry again for my english...