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  1. Questastic!

    It says Crashed :C (I'm on RoG=Reign of Giants).
  2. Shelter

    The mod says crashed :C
  3. Supervivencia Natural

    Oye, yo lo descargue y lo extraje en mods y ahora cuando quiero elegir algo se me abre la KleiStore, sabes que puede ser?
  4. Writhe, Maxwell's last friend

    Here's a picture https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=698690333534860&set=a.152435564827009.38108.100001816983252&type=1&relevant_count=1
  5. Writhe, Maxwell's last friend

    Mmmmh Maybe, but if you don't speak spanish the note is in english to.
  6. Writhe, Maxwell's last friend

    You speak spanish? if you do, please tell me it in spanish and here is a note on spanish and english Lo que hago es llevar el archivo rar y luego lo extraigo ahí y despues voy a activarlo pero me dice que esta crasheado now english version What I do is take the zip file and then extract there and then I'm gonna turn it but it tells me that this crashed
  7. Writhe, Maxwell's last friend

    Can you make a video or tell me how to download it? :S but thanks for answering
  8. Writhe, Maxwell's last friend

    Pls, make a version for normal Don't Starve it's a excelent mod but pls make it for normal Don't Starve
  9. Writhe, Maxwell's last friend

    Yes it is because Webber is only on Reign Of Giants :S
  10. Writhe, Maxwell's last friend

    Go to the windows searcher, then put Don't Starve exactly like that and then you go mods and put the Zip there and unzip it.
  11. Wisp, Wynter and Wei.

    This mod crashes EVERYTIME i try to activate it, and all the files crashes.
  12. Writhe, Maxwell's last friend

    Maybe is Japanese :S, how do i download it? i download i copy that on the mods folder i extract in the mods folder and then it say it's crashed.
  13. Squidward_v1.3