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  1. OoOOh thanks a lot, it's an honor!! And I hope to share new art with all of you very soon!
  2. I should go ahead and post my doodles too
  3. Very nice!! and looking to a cool inked piece like this just makes me want to add colors to it. Speaking of Maxwell, I should realy try drawing him too since I almost never do and I love his fashion sense EDIT: I just saw the WX-78 one and I looove it (another character I just love too much and haven't draw enough)
  4. I say go for it!! I know how important is people's interest in one stuff for having more motivation to keep making said stuff but starting is the most important step (don't be like me, never starting thing and then forgetting about it) even if you don't finish it, you always learn new things
  5. Very nice art you have!! And looove your cosplay photos, I really like the willow skirt you had because of all the details in it, I think it's great to deviate a bit from the canon game art because that a unique flavor to each costume, keep up the good work!
  6. Yoooo, I love your style, the anatomy is pretty much perfect, the faces, the expressions! Every character is draw very consistently. You have lots and lots of talent and since I'm on my phone I just want to get to my computer and look at all your pictures in bigger resolution for long periods of time.
  7. I dunno what happened to the link on my last post but, I'll repost it here (probably every artist know these already but they always come in handy) Pixlr express: to edit images quickly pixlr editor: like an oline photoshop, pretty nice 3d models from posemaniacs: VERY useful when you need to dram something in a weird angle
  8. @J20hawkz, @Maximum125: thank a lot!! And to answer your question, I don't have a fixed process to paint stuff but for this one I used a photo of myself in cosplay for reference for the angle/expression and skin tones but also added many other colors, some blues and greens to try something interesting, used PaintTool SAI, and I experimented with different settings for the brush (mostly the "fuzzytastic" and "spread" brushes), tried to blend the colors a lot. When I was almost ready I realized I was working on a really small resolution so I resized the image and worked on the details and added some more brush strokes because now things were a bit blurry. I also added another layer with overlay on top with some colors on parts i wanted to be more saturated like the flowers or around the eye, the mouth, etc. and adjusted the opacity so it looked more natural.. then I used pixlr express to enhance the image and add some effect to make it look like and old photo or something. tl;dr = speedpaint on one layer, overlay for some more color on another and then add more details or fix leves/contrast/saturation/etc I'll probably use Photoshop for the next time tough, last time my installation was having problems so I used the other programs :^ )
  9. Okay so I'm new here and I have no idea how to edit my profile but I'll post my fan arts because that's what i came here to do I'm cuberobot on tumblr too, maybe some of you know me already? there are some doodles too on my blog but i won't post them because they are not cool at all ya