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  1. Season Calendar

    Now we need an in game implementation of this as an item. Thank you for the list btw.
  2. Problem with deerclops

    He goes for the structures, so build a pig house nearby or something and he should show up to try and smash it. I've had him show up at night in winter when I couldn't really leave the fire, just to wreak havoc on nearby villages and never touch me (though the heavy breathing is disturbing ). If it's during the day or dusk, run over, interrupt the smash fest by attacking and then kiting.
  3. DIsplay Food Values Smart Crockpot Minimap HUD Relaxed Crafting Damage Indicators Kiting is the choice of fighting style for most mobs. There are exceptions. The spider queen and the frogs come to mind. Queen I just don't dodge very well and end up tanking her anyway, and frog hit timings are very short and I never get them right.
  4. Damage Indicators

    Please update this. It's so useful.