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  1. Community Project Rpg Art Dump

    Here is the ripped cloak from my quest
  2. Community Project Rpg Art Dump

    Spooky! Also my friends, I have made myself a pink cloak item! You will need that in order to unlock me B )
  3. If anyone is being an ass to you, just tell me. B I

    1. NoobModder


      I have multiple personality disorder and the computer geek keeps hacking without me knowing for a while and then I get warnings D:

      Plez halp

    2. ThePinkishKnight


      Turn the computer off!

  4. Charlie has been sighted!

    My deepest apology
  5. Charlie has been sighted!

    That Charlie looks scary! Must be a really bad guy
  6. Klei Forums RPG (New)

    Thank you citizen, I really appreciate your gift
  7. Together we shall save the Internet...in the Forums RPG!!

  8. *poofs from the shadows*

  9. I am always watching you

  10. Game Changer

    (I have been warned about the dangerous situation in which this thread is now. I'm here to, at least try, to end this stream of hate. First of all, @DwerBomb , you have disappointed me. Apologise to AdamTheGamer now. @AdamTheGamer , don't worry. I am sure this won't happen again in the future. It is nice to have new members, and it would be sad to see one leave this place just for a bickering. Next time, though, try to put some more creativity in your characters. I'm not blaming on you, that's just an advice from a friend. @MenaAthena , I've seen you put a lot of effort in this roleplay. Don't give up now. I am sure you will make wonderful things happen with this. As Mena said, this should be a place where people should have fun. A roleplay is made to share feelings and be together in joy. That's all for now. Don't forget, I'm always watching from the shadows.)
  11. some art :D

    You are the real hero of this forums, Willette. It's nice to see you are back. *puts coat on the face and walks into the shadows of the night*

    You can include me, even if I'm already in. Your purpose, members of the Sushi Church, is peace. And so is mine.

    I appreciate the peace that this Church is seeking.
  14. How could i have been so stupid?

    We should give that guy a lesson.