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  1. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    @kiopho Ooops! Your mod works fine hahaha Just a regen mod not checking the character's death/alive state and so it regens-die-regen-die. Once again, great mod kiopho!
  2. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Dear kiopho, I really enjoyed your mod. Especially the Neat version. However, I discovered a resurrection incompatibility (that can be resolved but I don't know how) with Resurrection Shelter. The only thing I changed in that resurrection mod was to add a GLOBAL.RECIPE_GAME_TYPE.COMMON if the game mode is SW-compatible. The resurrection works when your mod is turned off and sometimes, if there are two or more resurrection shelters built, when the character dies it will die->die->die->resurrect->resurrect->Game Over with a crash of last_death_position is a nil value. I tried to fix it myself but I'm not proficient enough. Could you help me with it?
  3. What this mod does: Increases the max augment limit to 8 (HUD cannot see past 8 augments). Install up to 8 augments slots at an augment machine. Mainly for Endless runs. How to install this mod: Locate Invisible Inc/ Backup Unzip Locate sim/abilities file Replace useAugmentMachine.lua (attached below) Rezip scripts file. Majority of credits goes to x43x61x69 for his cheat which I then modified to make it more balanced. (His cheat lets you install augments immediately without checking for augment slots) Working Version: 136032 It could still be working for the updated versions. How to check your version: Press F1 when in Invisible Inc. EDIT: I noticed that this mod may have conflicts with other mods modifying useAugmentMachine.lua so perform the steps below (does not require download) to make it compatible with other mods. Using a simple text editor, find: and replace it entirely with: useAugmentMachine.lua