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  1. Currently, I feel there is not enough incentive for use of the scalemail. Its durability is 1800 units of damage, consequently allowing for extended periods of use. However, it is ultimately outperformed by the log suit, providing 80% resistance to physical damage as opposed to 70%. Additionally, when at low durability the log suit can be disposed of by burning it, serving as excellent fuel. This means that, instead of having two slots taken by a piece of armor about to break and its replacement, you can consistently maintain high durability alongside periodic fuel for fires. Scalemail, unfortunately, is comparatively more expensive to craft (and has an inconsistent availability) but absorbs less damage. Another perk of scalemail is its fire resistance. This is rarely useful, as prolonged exposure to fire seldom happens. On the other hand, its ability to ignite attackers often requires remaining aware of resources/structures in the immediate area, which the fire could spread to as well. Overall, it's almost as if the scalemail was designed for future confrontations against the dragonfly, in a continuous cycle of killing and crafting. This is reminiscent of the lantern/miner's hat, bound to use in the caves because of light bulbs and their fast spoilage times. Without a variety of applications it ends up becoming a boring mechanic, seen as more a routine rather than an actual game that's dependent on player input. Perhaps there is a way to incentivize use of the scalemail more than now (e.g. synergy with fire-based weaponry).
  2. Backpack becomes irrelevant if you learn to manage your inventory.
  3. What if one person suddenly quits and you no longer have access to that save anymore? Could you remove them from the "party" permanently as an option? Would you be able to add another player?
  4. Very nice. I am also an avid Wes player. I do however create meat effigies, because I spend a lot of time searching for ideal worlds in the long-run (because survival isn't an issue) and wouldn't want to go through that arduous process again.
  5. After a certain point day-count becomes irrelevant. Optimization and exploring take priority in the meanwhile.