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  1. Well, considering Wes is supposed to be a character that induces challenge, would't it be good to go with his more difficult playstyle and keep him mute?
  2. WAIT THEY HAVEN'T CAME YET? My disappointment was false! THERE IS STILL HOPE.
  3. It may seem dark, but I love this idea. Just think, your food supplies are raided by a bearger and your only friend is killed. Almost starving, wouldn't you eat him to survive, at the cost of your sanity? There could also be a couple more uses for human meat (none of which I have thought of). There are some issues though. For example, what would WX78 drop? Hes not made of meat, although, his abilities are not quite as great compared to others. A compensation could be to make him drop boards and gears, rather than sanity inducing meat. If a perma-death system is implemented rather than a perma-respawn system, he could be farmed for gears in return for Wilson's beard hair. (From meat effigies). I haven't quite worked out the ups and downs of this specific dilemma, but it seems like a valid starting point to perfect this plausible system. I hope cannibalism gets into the game, and that it is gone about correctly.