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  1. Version 0.2


    _=[ Eye Tracking Enabled Don't Starve ]=_ Allows you to control the character with your eyes using either SteelSeries Sentry or a Tobii EyeX dev kit eye tracking controllers (see or By using the left ctrl, your character will walk or perform an action where you look at the screen. You can hold the key to continuously move to where you look. You can still use the normal controls in parallell. NOTE: To install this mod, you need to perform additional steps compared to installing an ordinary mod. Therefore it's not possible to install this mod through the Steam Workshop service. The steps are as follows (also included in INSTRUCTIONS.txt in the package): - Make sure Tobii EyeX or SteelSeries Sentry is installed and configured properly on your computer. - Copy the mod folder to the dont_starve/mods directory as usual - Create a folder named lualib in dont_starve/bin, and put the file tobiigazecore_lua.dll in this folder - Put TobiiGazeCore32.dll in the dont_starve/bin folder - Enable the mod inside Don't Starve, and make sure to enable fullscreen - Make sure the tracker is connected before starting a game - Use left control to walk/do action where you are looking!
  2. Version 0.2


    Adds more realistic sleeping to the game. You are required to sleep! You can sleep using all the usual sleeping gears. Hunger/life/sanity changes during sleep now depends on for how long you sleep.You have to sleep about every third day at a minimum. Not sleeping will make you go insane. Tested on DS and ROG, but I have both installed. Please PM me if you only have DS and experience problems.