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  1. Early access games aren't with the promise of new content, they with the warning that the game is incomplete. They certainly aren't with a promise that the forums will decide the direction of the game. Anyway I think it's clear my overall point was something other than the point you've decided to pick out.
  2. Klei listens to us constantly which can be clearly seen in the dev-log. What Klei shouldn't allow us to do is steer the game, especially not concerning updates that largely only affect the early game. We're too experienced and have completely lost the perspective of a new player. PvP is something Klei has never pretended is working properly and they've stated they'll revisit it. The truth is that PvP is a small section of the community and not something that was ever a priority for Klei, so I don't think that comparison works. Your survival game comments are great but I'm not sure what your point is. DST has evolved and it's an enjoyable experience for thousands of people. I'm sorry if it's moving away from what you think it should be but that happens. If these changes prove unpopular then fewer people will play the game and the devs will change them back I assume. If not, then you have to accept that the changes are popular with the majority of the community. I don't think a game as unique as Don't Starve is running the risk of getting in a mess with what it's trying to be because it's so unique, however this is heavily based in future speculation so I'm not going to comment on that at length. In terms of gamemodes, I think you already have plenty options to make a challenging game including Wilderness which still has a (kind of) permadeath.
  3. I think you're missing my point. You've gone so far in the game you can't remember when it used to be frighteningly difficult. It is still difficult for new players. Klei didn't make these changes for the fun of it; there are obviously a lot of newer players having issues with the game. The next part of this honestly just sounds like you don't enjoy the game, which is fine of course, but lots of people do so I don't think it should be changed because some people don't like it. "Your job is to make an enjoyable game." to which a game creator replies with "For who?". "Make an enjoyable game" is far too broad of a brief, it's also not what I said. It's not Klei's job to make the game challenging for a certain group of people (what I said). I'm an advanced/experienced player and I still really enjoy the game; lots of people I play with are exactly the same. This isn't a subscription game where I expect to constantly get a new challenge, it's a one-off payment that happens to be multi-player. At some point I'm going to find this game too easy and get bored of it. You and I are already past the point where we will be affected by small changes being made to the earlier game to make it easier so they are largely irrelevant. If new players want to start topics saying "Just started playing don't start and I hate it because it's too easy." then I'll listen, but at the moment I don't think this point stands up to basic scrutiny. This is highly opinionated and speculative so I won't comment in regards to the community other than by saying this has repeatedly not been my experience. I'm frequently reaching the first summer with barely setting foot in caves for example; depends on the group/world etc. My general opinion of your post is that you either A) Don't like the game or B) Don't like the game anymore. That must be tough because it's probably my favourite game and I'd be pretty annoyed if I grew bored of it, but it's going to happen eventually.
  4. I have to say that the reaction to these changes has really annoyed me. I don't tend to weigh in on discussions like these, especially not in the way that I'm about to, but this is really irritating. Sense of Ownership "Give us our game back" "We ALL find this too easy." I'm sorry guys but Don't Starve is no longer a niche super challenging game, and it's not a game that belongs to a group of people that have been here from the beginning (myself included). It's no longer designed for the most hardcore survivalist gamers, it's designed for a wider audience. Because of this wider audience, there have had to be changes that you won't like. That's unfortunate and as we've played the game so long we feel we should steer it's direction; we are the worst people to steer the games direction because of how long we've played. Sense of Entitlement "It's up to the game creator to make it challenging, not us" Sorry but it isn't up to the game's creator to make it challenging for a select group of players on the forums. To be honest, Klei doesn't actually owe you anything other than the game you bought. Obviously Klei goes above and beyond that and continues to release content despite not being paid for it (as any good small developer does!), but they don't have to. Klei's job is to create an enjoyable game for everyone that plays it, and that's what they're trying to do. Regardless of your sense of what is right or wrong, you can quite easily change the game settings to make the game more difficult. Direction of Challenge "It was already too easy and you've made it easier" I'll take a stab in the dark and make the claim that anyone complaining about the game being made too easy won't be affected in the slightest by these changes. Why? Because you already find it easy and you probably hardly ever die as well as being able to manage your sanity fine with 3+ ghosts. Sorry again, but you've reached the end of your challenge on DST. It's hard to come to terms with, but this is a sandbox game's version of beating the last boss. Klei would have to make some extremely drastic changes for us to find it tough again in the early-intermediate game, changes that would completely alienate new players to the point of them not even bothering. All we can hope for is making the game difficult for ourselves or whatever comes with Through the Ages. I still play DST and have fun, but I accept that I won't be challenged by the game itself (in most cases). My Opinion I think the touchstone idea is really sensible. Telltale Hearts always seemed like a place holder to me; a way to ress until they thought of a better way similar to using the old Don't Starve mechanics. I feel the Touchstone changes are a step towards this.
  5. I can't seem to update my server through Steam CMD the way I usually do... Is anyone else experiencing this? login anonymous force_install_dir C:\server app_update 343050 validate The above is the command I always use and it hasn't seemed to work this time. Any ideas?
  6. Not that I'm aware of. And yes, I just installed Steam CMD to my E drive instead of C so I changed the location in the bat file. I found your guide in the servers board so I'm going to try from scratch doing it your way when I get back to my computer tomorrow. Thanks again for all your help, I really appreciate it.
  7. In case any else has had a similar issue I'll include everything. The issue is that my Master server can't get past 'Validating Portal' stage: Master log: Caves log: cluster.ini: Master server.ini: Caves server.ini: StartDSTServers.bat:
  8. Yes I start it with the .bat file Documents>Klie. I simply double-click it and it fires up. Do you think the update is the problem? It's wierd because the Master server hits the 'Sim Paused' stage just fine, then once the caves shard connects to it it tries to 'validate portals' and can't get past that stage. Don't suppose @V2C could shed any light on this? Doesn't look like anyone is having the same error; it's bizzare. Tried without mods, tried different ports, tried deleting everything and starting from scratch: same problem every time.
  9. This is what my cluster.ini looks like: And this is my Master Server.ini: And my Caves server.ini: I'm not sure how to update the server as I'm running it through Steam CMD; how would I update with that?
  10. I'm such a massive idiot. There was a mistake in the the file name for cluster.ini. All the other advice you gave me wasn't wasted, as that was all wrong too ha, but yeah... The filename error was the main one. However, this next step has brought a new problem! My Cave server looks fine: However my Master now gets to the Sim Paused stage, then tries to validate portals again and freezes there: Here is my cluster.ini: The master_port is changed because I thought it might be something to do with that, but it doesn't work as the original recommended one. Edit: Tried without mods; same result.
  11. There isn't an error as such, that's just as far as the servers get: "Validating portal..." etc. It doesn't get to the Sim Paused stage. It doesn't appear in the server listing either.
  12. So I realised I had ballsed a few things up and managed to fix them, however I'm still stuck at the same issue. I'm now using your worldgenoverride.lue settings. Here are my logs. Master: Caves:
  13. Still didn't get it. Not really sure what I'm doing wrong but I'll probably just leave it until it's a bit easier. Thanks for all your help though!
  14. Yeah that was the issue. I've sorted it now. My new problem is: Master: Caves: It seems to get stuck on 'Validating portal...' I checked in DST servers and it's not there.
  15. Fixed it. It's such a weird problem I don't even know where to begin. Basically I saved the files wrong (Windows 8.1 problem maybe?) so I had a file called server.ini but it wasn't actually the .ini file the server was using. I copied and pasted the info from that file into the real server.ini and it's working. Now to tackle mods!
  16. Master: Caves: Here is my Master server.ini file: And my Caves server.ini file: The server_port was Master:11000 and Caves:11001 before I changed them to test if the problem was that; it wasn't.
  17. I'm not running the game at the time if that's what you mean. Yes I assumed changing the port would help so I've been messing arouynd with the port numbers; would you mind telling me which one I'm changing here? "master_port = 10889" in cluster.ini "server_port = 11000 "master_server_port = 27018" "authentication_port = 8768" in Master\server.ini "server_port = 11001" "master_server_port = 27019" "authentication_port = 8769" in Caves\server.ini Thanks mate!
  18. Ok my error message is now: "Details: SOCKET_PORT_ALREADY_IN_USE" Any ideas?
  19. I managed to get past the server token issues. I did as you guys said, dragging instead of copying but I didn't rename it to .txt because it didn't work after the rename. So one of my servers fires up correctly but on the other one I get a message like "server port occupied". I can't give you the exact one until I'm near a computer but I'll post a screen shot then. Any ideas?
  20. The first 3 Halos were just brilliant! Me and my pals used to spend hours playing through the campaigns on all the different difficulties, then more hours playing link up. One of the big ones I left out has to be Heroes of Might and Magic 2/3. Me and my brother spent hours and hours playing that. Where has turn based, hot seat gaming went? It's such a good method of multiplayer. Anyway, I think this topic has become completely derailed, then again the myth about player decline was dispelled quite early in the thread by a mod.
  21. I suppose this highlights different types of gamers. The general principle for gamers like myself and quite possibly SoupyDelicious, is that the work is rewarding, and you're able to enjoy the late game so much more when it all comes together because you've worked for it. A simple example of this would be using cheats in a game like Don't Starve; spawning in what you need to get a head start or to not have to make that trip across the map. I tried this quite early in my single player experience after dying a great many times, all it got was me was sitting around wondering what to do in my massive super base. After that I decided to invest time and learn how the game works so I can do it without cheating. So not only did I invest a great deal of time in one world "waiting for something to happen", I invested time in many worlds only to lose it all to perma-death as a learning experience. Once I did this enough times I learnt the ropes and had some huge games that I have very fond memories of and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Now a game a paid £6 for originally has kept me entertained for years and could be rated as quite possibly my favourite game. I loved the Halo games, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, even bloody Alex the Kid; they will always hold a place in my heart, but the experience I've had in games like Don't Starve, Minecraft (running Better than Wolves Mod), Gnomoria, Rome: Total War and so on, have been infinitely better. Edit: Spelling
  22. I dunno mate, I think DS can easily just ignore DST. I like that the two games are differing from each other so much, it's like they're going down different paths. We're even getting a new expansion for DS aren't we? I still enjoy both games as two very different games. You're right on everything else though! I'm ashamed to admit I used to love WoW until the give-the-public-what-they-want updates every month or so.
  23. You know what grinds my gears? When my girlfriend doesn't let me play DST.