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  1. Dont Starve The Story

    Name: Vinny Age: ??? Perks, Powers: *Animals like bunnies and birds won't fly off when he gets close *can befriend Rabbits And Birds Backstory: ( sorry but this is gonna be really short ) Used to Feed Lost Puppies alot, Found the Odd Portal ( Maxwells Door ) His Dog Jumped into it, He went into the portal to retrieve his little furry friend. Looks Like: Baggy Eyes, Black pants, Green Vest, Skinny, Young Looking, Odd Hair Style Weaknesses: Is scared of Hounds, Normally Runs away from battle. Race: Human
  2. Don't Starve, the roleplay

    ( Is it to late to join this? )
  3. Alright i got an idea, if you die you leave a body, you come back as a ghost nothing will see you, this includeds Players, NPCS, etc, Players Can revive you by Using 5 Night mare fuel, And 1 Heart Stone/
  4. Sample Mods

    Thats a terrible idea.