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    Ok... Im an espanish speaker but i'll gonna do my best trying to explain this mod for anyone who wanna use this outdated but still fun mod for hamlet or Hamlet compatible worlds: For some reason some crafts are missing this way (clone egg, beehive, killerbeehive) and others doesn't work (honeycomb wall). This still happens when you enter a normal world and you make it compatible with Hamlet. Personally this doesn't change much at all. All other aspects of the mod still works fine and having bees in hamlet are strong enough if not op to have. The lack of beehives are nothing because we can craft our more useful crafted beehives for an stable source of honey and bees, but the lack of killerbees is still a problem. (can be half solved, i'll gonna explain this later). The cave restriction doesn't work on Hamlet, that means all content is accesible to beatrice. You can enter ruins fine, enter your house, enter the BFB's island cave entrance without any problems. Beatrice has an disadvantage/adventage that other characters doesn't have, her cave restriction which means that "caves comes to her" still aplies (and therefore you have another waves to worry about). Through this waves you get access to some resources otherway imposible/harder to get. Those are: Servant Sack gives you more time doing things that eating AND allows you to healing without needing to stand in place. OP feature 9/10 because im still dying from the fricking giant robot. And has an internal coldown of roughly 1.5s, this means the servant sacks feeds you OR it will heal you, not both at the same time. From almost no test on this i think if the item inside the servant gives one of the posible stats (sanity,health,food) in an negative value, the servant will never choose it. I need to test it more. Try to get it sooner as you can, this means that you will need to be a lot of time close to flowers. Servant Sack plus FLY OF THE RUMBLE BEE plus the 2 killer bee guards means 17 bees who you control and comands being 170 points of instant dmg. I dont think this is op itself because bees atack speed are less than player A.S. So in theory dmg/s is still the same, plus Beatrice dmg has a factor of 0.33. This factor doesn't affect the bees inside her. If 17 bees atacking wasn't enough, the op feature in this mod is that you can actually control them, you can kite enemys using her pheromone control panel. Altohugh the 2 guard bees "aren't yours" so if you call all back the bees because its dangerous, those two gonna be the first to die... (Dying for the Queen!) and in the same way you start fighting something you won't, they don't gonna lisen to your buzz screams of agony while you see how you damn hard tamed beefalo is killed by a hive of bees. With FLY OF THE RUMBLE BEE you can kite most mobs by fighting them (Not fighting you personally just face it momentaneously to send you bees) and then call all your bees back letting your enemy confused in place and waiting his dead. For some Bosses you need practices or just less bees for a perfect kite. Less bees means better control of them. Easy first days for this character in hamlet: Pray to Whoever you believe there's a net in sale, collect 8 butterflys and 2 bees and LAUGHT'S IN BUZZ. For the killerbeehive problem: In conclusion this is an exelent character mod that all of us could check and give it a chance, it lets you play the game in a whole new way and for MOUSE: Jokes aside this is my favorite mod and i have playing this one more time than all Don't Starve characters "together". Would be nice if at least you can fix those bugs. I tried to do it myself (The hell that i tried it) but i don't know LUA programming, in deed, I don't know any program language. I'll gonna keep learning but this is a far dream for now. Nice mod Mouse 11/10, kinda OP but funny to play with it. .
  2. I am a initiated tho, the best that i can say is search for mod close to your ideas and hacking from there.
  3. Hello to ya'all, after several hours figuring why is not a mod for craftable killer beehives for regular dont starve, I got the idea to do it miself... It worked! At least almost all what i intended worked, I am now able to craft killer beehives, but not in the way in intended. I got two issues: The first one is that the icon for the hive is not displayed correctly (this issue isnt important for me), it just gets the icon from the item that is above of him. The second and real problem is when i craft the beehive, it is placed imediatelly where i crafted it. It doesnt allows me to choose where to put it like a normal structure. Im "noob" programmer on this game, and i mean i just started about one hour ago. That would be nice if someone more knowledge on thi could help to solve this problems. thanks ya'all. PD: Here is the code :P STRINGS = GLOBAL.STRINGS RECIPETABS = GLOBAL.RECIPETABS Recipe = GLOBAL.Recipe Ingredient = GLOBAL.Ingredient TECH = GLOBAL.TECH STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.WASPHIVE = "Protect a zone from even yourself" Recipe("wasphive", { Ingredient("killerbee", 4, Ingredient("honey", 10), Ingredient("honeycomb", 3) }, RECIPETABS.TOWN, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE )
  4. Well... I thinks that is too late to comment in this site but, if you can't do hounds tameable, you can see other mods that do this posible like Pets Mod and take some ideas from there and finish this incredible mod. I have been using this since it birth. (PD: I'm a spanish speaker an my english isn't the best, thanks if you can read this)