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  1. Hello JanH My updater is version 20 and when i try to enter my product key it say's "Error Contacting Server"
  2. What i did to download the App: First i purchased the Don't Starve + RoG + Sound Track. Then i went to my emails and clicked the link to the humble bundle download page. Then i downloaded the Don't Starve.app and the Reign of Giants Installer.app. Then i launched Don't Starve.app. Then Quit It. Then Launched Reign of Giants Installer.app and it said something like "Installation complete, you can now remove the Installer." Here is the Screen Shot of the main menu.
  3. Same With Me I downloaded the standalone on my mac and installed it with the RoG installer.app and then it said it was installed but when i launch Don't Starve it doesn't appear to activate it when i start a new world. Please Help.