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  1. Wes forever alone. Well... He is meant to be harder and so he must be less cooperative than other characters, am I right?
  2. There is very simple idea. When Wes is supposed to say something, he will do his typical pantomime bt the text will appear. Just think about all those cartoon characters that say only one word and everybody else understands them. It could work here like that as well. For ex. Wes meets Wilson and wants to ask for some food. After typing message Wilson will see Wes pulling invisible rope and text above him like: "Could you share some food?". Simple, isn't it? However to make things harder for him everything he says would act like whispering (which means everything he says is only visible to players on screen). Who would see his pantomime on the other end of the world anyway?
  3. By saying about getting key at 9:00 I mean my timezone (It would be midnight for them). And since I'm not really into calculating when they could send the keys I would assume it will be on Tuesday my timezone.
  4. So... Monday, the 6th of October. Wonder what exact time. If they begin right away when the clock hits 0:00 in their time zone then I would possibly get the key at 9:00 or so. If they'll do so at their livestream times then it would be Tuesday for me :/
  5. I love you dude. If someone wants from me to wait then at least I want to hear some response from them... and not repeating response like: "they are still in phase 1, be patient." Thanks a lot, my sanity just got increased by 50 (yet I still see shadow creatures). EDIT: It actualy has community hub! look through this link!
  6. I would say the same. I know that you must have everything done before handing keys over but come on... Instead of being excited I am now annoyed and bored of waiting.
  7. Gaaah I'm checking this forum like 5 times each day. This waiting drives me crazy! I think I'm starting to see Terrorbeaks.
  8. I really hope I will be one of the first players to get in. This waiting is killing me. By the way if 2 million codes has been generated and 80 thousand people made an application then I guess everybody who applied (and other 1 920 000 players) will be able to play beta right?
  9. I loved this game but after some (long) time I got bored. Reason: being alone :/ Chester didn't help, neither pigmen or bunnymen. Also I'm terrible with RoG and default worlds. So multi would let me get to know how to survive for real and get some contact with others I hope there will be no PvP or option to turn it off as I hate players fighting each other.
  10. Since I'm lazy and tired I just read first and last posts and I totaly agree with quoted post. Why not make it like in original DS? Just die and revive by using eggify, amulet or touch stone. Let's say that those items will revive you only if you are their owner (except amulet, you just need to wear it). If you die completly (read: no revival items) you will lose everything you had, backpack, buildings and items in chests BUT you will become a ghost just like Sorion said and your corpse will remain until someone will decide to spare his/her reviving item. You will get back to living but you would have to start over. However permadeath might be an option for server admin to create something like in Minecraft. You die and have no reviving items, you are banned from this server until it will create a new world. What do you think? In my opinion this would greatly work out.