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  1. Every time I launch the game since Forge beta I get that annoying short sound that I can only describe as ear-piercing. Normaly I would consider it a fault of my headphones but it happens only in DS and DST, and yes, it also happens in singleplayer DS. Other games launch just fine.
  2. Aside from being a complete pain to domesticate when it's in heat, the Beefalo just loses interest in every player and comes back to where I got it.
  3. Welp, good to know. Sorry for not checking your DA. I barely use this site... If ever. Not to mention any social networking website. Btw. You just tasted the life of developer/artist/actor/anyone-popular.
  4. Someone has been dead for quite long time, eh? Wonder if this comic is still going. I guess our lovely @Miss just lost motivation or willing to continue it.
  5. That hat thing and name makes me think that some nerf for Willow is coming. And steamcells... I heard it somewhere. I think it would work like Zillvr said. That would make sense.
  6. Too many gears. If fridge needs only 1 then why flare gun, much smaller than fridge, would need 3? 1 is enough. Good idea... but at the same time it shouldn't be added, like it doesn't suit to DS world. EDIT: When you think about it, flare gun doesn't suit DS world as well. Unless it will get some special look.
  7. @Silentdarkness1 It could work with Survival and Endless but you should know that map centre isn't always solid ground, it can be ocean depending on how world was created. I think in Wilderness all items should just drop from banned player, maybe with sign so it could be seen on the map. Also if devs would decide to force drop all items into the world I'd suggest giving them fire resistance for few seconds. You could imagine some Willow taking useful items and then rush into bush farm and setting it on fire. Right after ban items land into the fire and everything is gone, double grief achieved.
  8. Maybe I misheard that. I'm pretty much sure that Mark was saying that he had been working on Frogger and because he said that on previous livestream he decided to cut it... Maybe he was joking. :/ I dunno but the thing about portals and adventure mode is 100% true.
  9. Potato part was the best. Btw you missed some good info: - There was supposed to be Frogger, some character on which Mark was working but because he accidentaly mentioned him on previous livestream he scrapped him and will be forgotten for eternity... Unless some modder will make such guy. - The future updates will be now focused on creating portal of some sort, possibly Teleportato, and Adventure Mode. They don't know how it would look yet. (Sorry if I missed anything about portal sine my Stream was buffering just at the moments when they were mentioning it -_-). - Half Life 3 confirmed!
  10. Until they get through all of them AND deliver all extra keys to everyone who signed up to invite their friends. As it was said, there are 2 millions of keys. I don't think the devs will use all of them but I'm sure it won't end up on those people who signed up.
  11. Resume the game with possibility to do so with others. Honestly I dunno since I'm terrible with such puzzles. You asked for it Lux...
  12. TheNet:kick(id) TheNet:ban(id) You can see players ID's by pressing Backspace and looking on the bottom-right corner. Also when some "clever" player decides to burn your stuff you can either make hard reset of the game (alt+F4) or spawn your lost loot by c_spawn("youritemhere", amount) command, for ex. c_spawn("amulet",20) will spawn 20 LifeGiving Amulets at the place where your mouse is pointing. And about griefing and trolling:
  13. Are you Maxwell? I was thinking exactly the same! DEMON!!!
  14. How about using Teleportato or completing adventure? Normaly adventure swaps your character with the one on the nightmare throne but I don't think that swap would be good for DST.
  15. NOOOOO MY ULTIMATE DAPPERNESS!!! ... ... ... Well then, I have finally encountered a gentleman as dapper as me. I shall not let you win Beefaloman!
  17. WX-78 still gets inceased stats after eating gears. However this skill was nerfed a lot. But gears still give back tons of hunger, sanity and health which would be helpful to tank some bosses even without so special stats buffs.
  18. Of course they are totaly normal. Just like you are the medic, not a spy with medic mask I'm sure of it.
  19. It is like one of the ultimate trolls. Man I hope your people are holding well...
  20. Indeed they are. But don't forget it's totaly normal tree.
  21. Devs added cap. It was intended. The thing about dying for good with meat effigy was probably intended as well. That's how it worked for me at least (however I picked Wilson after dying as Wilson). It's kinda good that way... or rather will be good after releasing booster shot (brings back max hp). I don't want to get another character and learn all the new recipies unless I want to do so (then I use remove command on myself).
  22. You can reset someone else than yourself? Oh damn it must be restricted only to host!
  23. 3 people to play with would be enough. and Btw. I'm "cB. Naxer" on Steam and have the same avatar as here.
  24. Finally I got the key (thanks 223rd!). But now I can't get to any server. Either servers are private or have 400 ping... Who'd join me now on some epic adventures full of spiders, pigs and handsome bushmen?
  25. I'm just gonna say that you are amazing developer, the spookiest ghost and you have amazing sweater. I'm sorry for all my impatient comments. I'm not kind of guy who likes to wait for something awesome for too long but I understand why I had to. Just like 23rd said, tell evryone how awesome you are and how awesome are they. Hope to see you in game. :)

    1. SethR


      Aw, thanks so much! I really appreciate that a lot. Especially the ghost part. Don't worry about the comments--I understand the sentiment, we're just trying to keep the signal-to-noise ratio high :). Hope to run into you in-game! Thanks again!

    2. viesta2015