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  1. I see everything EXCEPT the birdcage I missed. :/
  2. I was conflicted. Should I make Gordon Wesman, or Wes Freeman, so I made both Also, this is what happens when you have played a lot of DS(T) and then started playing Overwatch
  3. You thought I was DEAD?! I'm just lazy and have no motivation!
  4. I have the exact same issue. I came from SW to RoG, Bearger appeared and crashed my game the moment I tried to attack it. It also happened when I tried to attack a Hound. I disabled my mods and it's still happening. I made two in-game reports, both with and without mods.
  5. I might have had something to do with this. Thanks Klei for the fix, I can return to my cooking simulator with Warly (right after being assaulted by a bunch of Crocodogs).
  6. That actualy looks fancy. How about giving an option to cover the focus by placing the rug the focus? You could still have uncovered focus by placing rug before the focus.
  7. Deep fried indeed. As for the contributor... I have no idea. I have been in the closed beta, and made like... one suggestion for beefalo taming (I MIGHT be one of many who lead to the existance of salt lick). Whatever the cause was, I am really really happy that Klei found me helpful.
  8. Funny you post this. I was going through the pages of this thread when Gorge was released. Btw Gorge memes started at page 163.
  9. I tried all four combinations of netbook mode and small textures with dynamic asset loading set to all. It didn't work.
  10. You all ask yourselves what Iridescent gem is for, but I know the truth!
  11. My 700 day save can no longer be accessed. I have traveled in RoG to the next world with Teleportato and constructed about half of my new mega base. I traveled to the Hamlet world at day ~80. To my surprise the Hamlet world was not reset. The game was lagging hard, but after ending Aporkalypse I decided to go to the Shipwrecked world to check if that world wasn't resetted either... And here is where the game refused to load it, giving me Out of Memory error. I have turned off all my mods, enabled all performance options, and it still just can't handle my old SW world. I would like to point out that I had the same problem before, but just enabling performance options fixed the it, and I don't remember adding anything to my SW base that would overload the game. I have made a bug report in-game.
  12. For the last month or so I've been catching up with all these memes. I'm currently at page 158. My first intention was to just write the funny stuff to make people feel nostalgic, but then I said "Ah, manure it, I'll make a meme out of it!" Also have this dnak maymay
  13. Here's a meme I spent over an hour to make. Made only to ask my friend to play DST.
  14. Wait, so now I can't get my beefalo at boat?
  15. As long as you are actively sailing, the craters don't spawn, but when the boat is moving very slowly or is stationary, one crater can spawn in the center of the boat. Antlion attacked me four times before finaly succeding. I'm not even sure if it's a bug, but it feels like one. EDIT: Just after writing this bug I realised that RoT has separate bug tracker. Really sorry about that. Hope it can be moved.
  16. I was expecting a beta branch to be implemented to standard build and continue on with early access. It all feels so sudden...
  17. I can confirm the same happening in standard build of Hamlet.
  18. I have a permament light in my base. I suspect that when I tried to transform chester the game got confused, as chest was sitting at the center of that light and I was away to farm Krampus using the Glommer relog method. It should be noted that after both full moon nights I died and was resurrected by a Touch Stone. I turned off all my mods in hopes that it would go away, even though none of them affect light.
  19. That's what he gets for experimenting with his Catcoon costume. xD