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  1. Like maybe if you have items that promote that style of gameplay, like a lock that you can put on chests, and a door for your walls, and a lockpick that can only be used once, yet does something bad to the players (Not just you) like a hound attack. This would mean that its the players job to monitor who is bad and who is good, or they all get punished. Using this punish all type dealio will have players kinda keep themselves in check, and actually try to make a relation sheep work. The only kind of punishment the world should enforce, should be at every player, making them kind off work out their own differences, and things of the sort. But then you have to make those differences too, so maybe like no one gets punished the first 2 days, just to fuel some pandemoneom. But then everyone would just die, so... You guys are smarter than me, what do you think? Do you also believe in that kind of system? No? Why not?
  2. I personally feel that DST should not be a total, cooperative effort. It would be absolutely no fun if you were forced to be a team against your will. I feel more like relationships should be carved from hard work, disputes and agreements. I feel like the player should always be paranoid about his relationship with others. "Man I never met that Wolfgang, maybe he is already at night armor, and is going to rob me!" "Alright, I think I can finnally tru- wait what are you doing with that torch NONONO WAIT PLEASE". I would like it more if, you can have teams, or be at war with everyone, but you only keep you're best interests at all times. Being selfless shouldn't be promoted by the game, nor should being selfish. It should be a struggle between all the players to find it in themselves to cooperate with one another, and though there will be hardships, they will eventually make it work. And doesnt that kinda fit the atmosphere of DS? You're lost, you're alone, you're sad, and even with everything around you, you still feel lonely. Nothing will fix it, but you try anyways. And its hard, and you're in pain, and you trust nothing, but in the end if you put in the effort to go that extra mile you will come out on top. Now doesn't that sound emotionally and epic?
  3. Fruit of the Week: Pears!

  4. This was, in my opinion, hands down Pecivals best Chapter. I have absolutely no critiques for it at all. I found the character development blessful. My favorite part was when "[rethregasddf" I mean the passion! Percy you really do have a gift for this. AND THAT PLOT TWIST
  5. You see, I wanted to post something funny, but I realized I was not funny. So I'm going to post the one thing this thread needs. FIRE
  6. Yea! I like those theories. In the backround of the beggining of the dont starve video "Forbbiden Knowledge" there is a mountaneous, heavily forested area about the sides of Wilsons house could provide a suitable enviornment for the werebeaver lumberjack. I'm not to certain about the mental institution however. In the backdrop of Willows character portrait she is seen burning down a city. This would lead you to believe she has Pyromanic tendencies, but her weakness (lights fires when nervous) would define something more akin to a panic disorder. Perhaps a suitable label would be something akin to "Panic disorder with pyromanic tendencies" but I'm actually quite an amateure in terms of Pyschology. I'll review the DSM and gather a more definitative answer.
  7. While I am posting many things, I feel I must mention this is not Voodoo. Voodoo is an art revolving around using items as a medium for souls. The demonic magic Percy practices is more like a form of self-evocation. Evocation being the art of summoning things. The reason for this, is that the Hommoculus does have a soul (I think) be it one of a demon, or of a tortured schitzsophrenically hallucinative butcher. Now this means that Percy is more than likely preparing to have his Hommoculus Evocate him into life after he dies. I think. But since there is no clear line as too what a Hommoculus is, if we go by the Full Metal Alchemist version they are souls created by the consentration of human sin. This is probably why such murder was needed to sustain and evocate it. This means that the hommoculus does have a soul, hence, not voodoo. However, one speculation I hold is that Percy is more than likely going to use the homoculus he summoned, to in turn summon him as a demon. This would be more likely, do too the fact Percy already kills a little. (Not more than me but...) But hey, I dont write the story, and I dont define Homoculus. Dont even get me started on the various interpretations of classical African Voodun,we might be here a while. So ultimately, the story could still go either way and you learned absolutely nothing by reading this. I hope I wasted your time :love_heart:
  8. @Strangerdanger Organs exposed? No. Use the flesh for bones, bone exposed atop the muscles and tendons, take the organs out and use them to make hats.
  9. Yea, I mean, a crazy schitzophrenic with a werebeaver curse? Sign me up. A pyromanic chick? Even better.
  10. Alright so. Introductions... Ok. Hi! I'm Lucz and I'm knew here. I just want to ask about some of the believed relations between characters. I'm wondering how Maxwell chooses the people he puts on the Island (I believe he chooses the victims because he, after all, is the entertainer, They probably just want a good show, after all) Heres what I believe: Maxwell can select anyone he feels will entertain Them, and trick them into going onto the Island. I believe this explains our intriuguing cast in Dont Starve. -Warning, the following paragraphs are mostly speculation- Wilson, was selected by Maxwell for his lust/desperation for the knowledge that could make him worth something to his scientific peers. I believe Maxwell relates to this because when Maxwell began to do magic he wanted to be respected as well. Wes was more than likely a clown in The Circus, this also goes for Wolfgang. In a William Carter puzzle (no I wont tell you which one, solve all of them yourself) there is a picture of someone that looks lik Wes on an Ad for the Circus, the Ad also talks about a "Strongman" the Circus also owned a car in the train that crashed. Wendy (and Abigail) are Maxwells neices. This is supported by the note from Maxwells brother, saying Mother hasn't met the twins. WX was probably a machine made by Wilson. When Wilson ventured to show his peers however, WX ran away. Wickerbottom could be Charlie's sister, but theres almost no evidence. THat leaves Woodie and Willow. How do you think these people were selected by Maxwell, is there reason? Were they just interesting people who Maxwell thought would entertain them? Is there any correlation between them and the other characters? Leave your speculation below! If I missed anything, leave that below as well! Go nuts!