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  1. According to me, CJB programming style for this mod a little to dangerous. I don't like local variable declare in loop function. It will make this mod need large memory buffer. I don't know, I'm c programmer. Correct me if i'm wrong. So, I try my best to fix this. But in the end, it need more time. More time mean more spare time. I don't have much spare time to do this. Maybe someone else or CJB or me maybe, can do little cleanup for the code. So here is this. The final version for "Too Many Items". Enjoy.
  2. To catch "Fireflies": * It must be at night. * After spawn event remember to walk away from your current position. "Fireflies" doesn't appear if you are close by. * Supposedly there will be "Fireflies Light" at the beginning of your stand. Sometimes in the summer, if you're too much catching "fireflies", it will spawn Big Boss dragonfly. It happened to me when in the early summer.
  3. Delete v0.24a ( Sorry About This, I Think I Push Cancel Button. Wrong Button I Guest. ) Upload v0.24b ( Apologies Version )
  4. Version v0.25


    Since no update from CJB, I decide to upload New "Too Many Items". CJB "Too Many Items" Page -> Delete v0.24a, v0.24b, v0.24c. I think v0.25 is final version for this mod. Unless there is new DLC or bug. For automatic sort function, I think this mod need a new function or info for me. Surely, "table.sort" function had a problem for 1st item. USE "MemSpikeFix" MOD TO SOLVE GAME CRASH. STILL CRASH, DELETE ALL GAME FILES AND START NEW GAME OR REMOVE THIS MOD AND NEVER USE IT AGAIN Remark: 1st Line on 1st Page: |1|2|3|4|5|6|7| 1 = Food - Veggie - "Pumpkin Cookie" = MID Increase Sanity. NO NEGATIVE EFFECT. 2 = Food - Meat - "Jerky" = MID Increase Sanity. NO NEGATIVE EFFECT. 3 = Food - Veggie - "Mandrake Soup" = SUPER HUGE Increase Hunger, Health. NO NEGATIVE EFFECT. 4 = Food - Meat - "Pierogi" = LARGE Increase Hunger, Health. NO NEGATIVE EFFECT. 5 = Food - Veggie - "Icecream" = COLD Body Temperature (LONG Effect) (GOOD FOR SUMMER). HUGE Increase Sanity. 6 = Food - Meat - "Meaty Stew" = HOT Body Temperature (LONG Effect) (GOOD FOR WINTER, SPRING, AUTUMN). LARGE Increase Hunger. SMALL Increase Sanity. 7 = Animal - "Killer Bee" = Use this to fight Hounds or... It Useless agains "Big" Boss or "Fast" Boss. Like Bearger, Dragonfly, Krampus, etc. HUGE > LARGE MEAT type food for Wigfrid. Use "Cooked Mandrake" for Wickerbottom insomnia. Alot interesting items have been disabled by default. Look in "itemlist.lua" for more information. To enable an item delete "--". Before you try to enable an item which has been disabled by default, you should consider this: - You can't spawn a building/placer type items in this mod. - You can't spawn an animal or a plant you can't picked up in this mod. - Why bother to use weak animal like "Mosquito" to replace "Killer Bee" for helping you. - Why bother enable an item which has the same function with other. - Some items are special item for specific character only. - You don't need Webber's Skull to unlock Webber. Go destroy spider nest and find it. - You don't need an Eyebone for Chester. Go find and explore the map. - You don't need garbage items. You can get gold easily with this mod. You can't pet a Catcoon. - You don't need teleport items. Go find and explore the map. - Maxwell traps? You can't picked up, remember.
  5. Since no update from CJB, I decide to upload New "Too Many Items". All item rewrite from scratch. Compatible with "Reign Of Giants" DLC. Check here