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  1. Version 1.2.4


    Forgot to post this here after months because I forgot I had a klei account linked to my steam. So here it is. --- Play as the vengeful Tak from Invader Zim. Compatible with [NEZ] Zim. (Unexpected bugs when paired with these old mods such as the NEZ and DST invader Zim mods may appear however. I am unresponsible for what may happen) Single player Don't Starve version Stats: Health 150 Hunger 175 Sanity 125 Pros: -Damage Multiplier 1.25x -Doesn't go hungry as fast -50% fire resistance -Can switch to her disguised form by pressing Z Cons: -Eating meat gives a 50% penalty to all stats. This can be painful. -Rain damages Tak -Friendly mobs are aggressive towards Tak unless she is disguised -Disguise drains sanity when in use and will short circuit if attempting to use over 10% moisture Note: She has some custom dialogue. She is still slightly unfinished but not by too much. Stats are bound to change. Special thanks to (Kzisor/Ysovuka) for the key handler, and the tutorial they made for the transformations. Fixes and changes: -Fixed disguised Tak's eyes when going insane. -finished all sprites -Reduced both hunger and sanity stats by 25 in exchange for 50% fire resistence (not to be mistaken for summer or heat resistence) -Tak's disguise is now unuseable if she is over 10% moisture. This won't effect her if she is already wearing the disguise. Tak will at random comment differently whenever her disguise shorts when attempting to use disguise in over 10%. Click here to check out my Gir mod --- -Inserts shameless advertising here- Come join a newly created drama free Invader Zim discord server created to bring fans together.
  2. Version 1.2.9


    Allows you to play as Ratchet from the Ratchet and Clank series. He has the ability to craft three different wrenches, armor sets and levels up by consuming craftable nanotech drinks from nanotech crates scattered around swamps. Most of the custom items you'll find in the war, and survival tab. Refine tab is to find refined raritanium bars. Agorians now roam around the world. Additional Entities update: Agorians have been added into bareplains, and wasteland biomes. They trade raritanium for weapons. Giving spears allows them to give you raritanium crystals, tentaclespikes allows them to give you raritanium bars. Beware they go berserk if you're holding meat, and they are much more stronger than pigs and run extremely fast. They also won't hesitate to eat your dropped meat. The agorians have names of their own and are omnivores. They will refuse food given to them, but if dropped on the ground, they'll eat it. They'll attack hounds, spiders and anything hostile for you. Agorian Warrior Fixes: Butterflies now always drop nanotech. Helmets require more raritanium than armor now. Raritanium mines now have a higher chance of dropping raritanium. Next update: More balancing, give agorians hats and make clank talk. --- The Adamantine armor set, and the Magna armor set are for now only available. Adamantine provides insulation in the winter, and Magna provides protection in the summer. The helmets both are heavy and will slow you down, however the helmets give you more insulation. Alpha Combat armor, the armor itself isn't as strong as the adamantine or magna. It does protect the wearer from the rain however. The helmet increases sanity when worn, it's also lighter than the other two helmets. Magna Armor Set Adamantine Armor Set Alpha Combat Armor Set Raritanium are scattered throughout several biomes. They have a low chance of dropping raritanium crystals which could be used to create refined raritanium used to craft custom items. Nanotech can be found in swamps. They heal small amounts of health and emit light, even when carried. Nanotech perishes very quickly. Spiders, bees, and butterflies have a chance of dropping nanotech. Tallbirds will always drop nanotech, along with beefalo. Catcoons, pigmen, and beefalo have a chance of dropping raritanium. Moles will always drop raritanium. The nano-pak is craftable. It regenerates health at the cost of hunger. Taking damage with it on will cause it's durability to go down more. It wears down slowly when worn. Raritanium Nanotech Ratchet can craft wrenches. While they don't have much unique effects. They all increase speed when held. The OmniWrench 8000 does damage like a normal spear. The Omniwrench 12000 does damage like a tentacle spike. The OmniWrench Millennium 12 increases sanity when held, deals frost damage when you are hit, and does the same amount of damage as the omniwrench 12000. Wrenches Clank is a backpack item, he increases your sanity when on the ground, and can stop food from spoiling quickly when stored inside him. Clank is also compatible with extra equip slots mod. Clank is supposed to be a character specific item. Clankpack Stats: Hunger: 150-250 Health: 100-300 Sanity: 100-200 Character Perks: -Starts out weak but crafting nanodrinks will boost your stats -Can level up 20 times -Starts with OmniWrench 8000, raritanium crystal and a nanodrink -Ratchet gains speed at level 5, 10, 15 and gains his max speed at level 20. Weaknesses: -When hunger is below 15% Ratchet loses sanity drastically. -Starts out slow and weak. Bugs: Some people have trouble holding or crafting the wrench. -Planned: Possible more armors. Steam version:
  3. Version 1.1.4


    Steam Version: Edit: Instability issue is mostly fixed. Blaster should be fully functional. He still drops the weapon when out of ammo. But you should be able to retrieve your weapon once you get ammo again since invisibily has been fixed. Taking a break from fnaf mods. Since there is a crash mod. I felt like there was something missing. Neo Cortex, the villian from the crash bandicoot series. I always loved him in the series and needed to mod him in health: 120 hunger: 150 sanity: 200 He hits like a little girl, but runs fast. Cortex also comes with his trusty blaster, and is able to craft ammo for it out of charcoal, and nitre. He also has some custom dialogue. Warning, don't lose your blaster. It is one of a kind and can't be crafted, only it's ammo. Make sure you have blaster ammo in your inventory before picking it up or cortex will drop the gun. Each time you craft some ammo, it should give you five. It stacks up to 40. Each shot does the damage of a tentacle spike. However since Cortex has low damage multiplier. It takes 3 shots to kill a spider. It's best to conserve ammo on mostly non-enemies. Ammo runs out pretty fast. Next update: Custom ghost, Uka Uka, map icon for blaster, ammo crates and turn cortex's smile into a upside down frown. Big Portrait art is made by Kina Sprite art, and everything else done by me. Feel free to give suggestions with anything. Balance, items, or anything. Any bugs or crashing issues? To make sure I can fix it, please report it in comments with your log file (C:/users/documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether/log) Link me to a screen shot of it located near the bottom of it using gyazo, DA stash, dropbox, photobucket, etc.
  4. Hello, I was wondering if me and my friends could finish and port this mod over to don't starve together. We'll of course give you credit when we are finished. My friends are huge superjail fans. ^^
  5. Updated this mod. Sorry it took so long. I've been very busy lately ^^; Also yes there is a Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Toy Bonnie, and Marionette mod. But me and my friends have not uploaded them here yet. They are all on steam. The Marionette and Foxy are the most complete, while the others aren't.
  6. Version 2.0


    Was asked to post it on here from steam. Since this mod is close to almost being done, I figured why not. Foxy from 5 nights at Freddy's Since Foxy is in disrepair, he can easily die. He makes this up in speed and dealing lots of damage. He isn't afriad of the dark, and isn't a picky eater. He will start out with a hook, and patch, and is able to craft them. But beware of rain, Foxy will slowly take damage in rain. Foxy also slows down to wilsons speed in the winter, has a little bit of custom dialogue. His stats are: Health: 90 Hunger: 200 Sanity: 80 Update: -Foxy now has a withered form when his sanity is under 30. Withered form can glow in the dark. -Foxy's health is now increased to 90. -Foxy now has a custom maxwell intro -More custom dialogue added -Foxy's lineart has been sharpened, and redone. -Foxy's sanity increases very little at night Future updates: Possibly create custom sound Fix eyes Re-edit more of custom texts to fit foxy Possibly tweak difficulty to be easier or harder if requested