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  1. Back from my village, slaughter some cow and watch people share the meat. it's a tradition. one's a bit ornery, but after some slit it went quiet. the other just accept it's fate, too bad the neck is too thick, so it bleed to death, instead of dying quickly.

    Can't believe i got used to it. i guess that's what happen when the event keep happening all years and you get to see cows slaughtered right in front of your eyes, even the kids is all like "HELL YEAH"

    Oh well, at least i get to enjoy me some beef.

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    2. Auth


      Sounds delicious! Can't get it much more fresh than that. I'd love to be in your position, honestly.

    3. GetNerfedOn



      Living in a suburban area and having to go through rural areas many times in my life I'd also been exposed to slaughter before. I'd even had to hold down the kicking hind legs of a goat as it was being butchered, skinned, paunched and chopped down to size. It flailed wildly and wailed through its gag plenty. (And to think I had fed the poor thing yesterday... Protip: don't get attached.)

      But in my experience, nothing is worse than slaughtering a pig. Those ones are horrendously noisy, and many are my childhood nights interrupted by the bloodcurdling screams of a faraway pig being slaughtered.

      repost because my OP got jacked up and reproduced for some reason XD

    4. DarithD


      Oh god i am so so sorry for telling you all this, my brother told me why the frick do i do that for.

      Aaa forgive me

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