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  1. Back from my village, slaughter some cow and watch people share the meat. it's a tradition. one's a bit ornery, but after some slit it went quiet. the other just accept it's fate, too bad the neck is too thick, so it bleed to death, instead of dying quickly.

    Can't believe i got used to it. i guess that's what happen when the event keep happening all years and you get to see cows slaughtered right in front of your eyes, even the kids is all like "HELL YEAH"

    Oh well, at least i get to enjoy me some beef.

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    2. minespatch
    3. GetNerfedOn


      It's alright, I've lived through it :) you've done no harm I assure you :D

      p.s. by yesterday i meant *a few days before it died, sorry XD it was a long lime back already

    4. DarithD


      Hahaha sorry sorry, i love to tell tale and woe of my experience, i just wanted to share those memories. I'm so sorry if i make it sound nightmarish, it was actually pretty fun and game! Except for the cows, they're dead.

      Weell... atleast it wasn't a goat, goat yelp louder, like, really loud, and it traumatize me more than a cow.

      I avoid goat meat because it just remind me of that yelp. Good god.