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  1. Culturally problematic?

    Well they were uncomfortable with it, and i can respect that, seeing how the forum can implode by just mentioning something that you shouldn't. It's the right call.
  2. Your opinions on Hamlet?

    Just got it today, i love every single part of hamlet, the combat, the ruin, and the trade mechamic, the enviroment remind me of home. I think people expect too much and got carried away, it's an enjoyable experience for me. My first death is getting squished by the giant bird thing. 10/10 wouldn't mind if they add more content to spice things up.
  3. Poor Willow, everyone suspect her as a griefer the moment she join. Lo and behold, she finally done it, after intense pressure from Wolfgang
  4. Give abigail ability to wear hats, miner hat, straw hat, rain hat, football helmet. It match her sister and help her out when she's not killing things.
  5. Well, what's the point of bernie army other than massive cheese? If they readded it, people might spam bernie instead of using willow other perks. That and because nightmare creatures are baited to attack bernie, willow can just stay still and let bernie do all the work. Plus, he's mobile, unlike tentacle/catapult.
  6. All these discussion about willow balance, and i still don't know what her role is for team play. is she an explorer? base caretaker? bruiser? support?

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    2. DarithD


      Ahh that's good to hear, she has a role now!

    3. minespatch


      The devs also gave her permanent fire immunity.

    4. DragonMage156


      Now we're just getting hyped for the Willow short (or atleast I am).

  7. The design is off as well, doesn't look all that clockwork-y. More like a prison or armor for whatever inside. Ancient pigs is quite interesting. This, joke is good and all, just don't overdo it to the point you make other feel insecure.
  8. For new player? yes. For old player? no. it just need new content for veteran player atm, the content we have can take about couple hundred hours before new player can survive indefinitely. it's still a survival game, but as time went on, people come up with strategies to help them survive easier, like every survival game out there. So it doesn't need harder settings, there's so much to do already even with enough foods. You always in a tight schedule.
  9. John you are my spirit animal.

  10. Doodles! of DS!

    1. See this is what happen if you watch too many jojo XD 2. It was suppose to be base on this But i took a lunch break and draw something else 3. Oh my god i just notice that, i add this to her character reference I havent got a name for her yet, i only call them base on their hair colour. Orange, yellow and red! I draw some lore for them later, easier to explain
  11. Doodles! of DS!

    Welcome back! i'm reopening this dusty and webs thread again! I check around the rules, does the art have to be DS related? Because i draw more non related DS stuff lately. Anyway! Been playing X-COM a lot (350+ hours), so i drew webber and wendy as X-COM soldier! I will be drawing more DS related content every now and then. The one below are not DS related and maybe a bit lewd. Open at your own risk. That's the drawing for today! Thank you for visiting.
  12. My three OC's, it's been awhile since i draw, assignment and test is very stressful. ><


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    2. minespatch


      Whoops, I should've checked your status before I went to comment on your thread.:wilson_ecstatic:

      With the flags behind them, I can see the Metal Slug influence.

    3. DarithD


      It's fine, i should've upload it to my thread but i'm afraid i let people down with my arts. So i upload it on status before going, "well what the heck" and post it in anyway.

      Metal slug, alien shooter, civilization, red alert series, fallout,  anything involving big gun and sick power armor. Not a lot of people in my country prefer that, they just want moe. :p

    4. minespatch
  13. I love playing Wolfgang beat things, eat things, is not potato and help team survive winter by killing everything is simple, honest work! Wolfgang team player!
  14. yeeeeep, avoiding topics that spark those hissy fit about age. came out a lot these days, i wonder why.

    1. DragonMage156


      The community will debate about the darnest things (unless half of them want to draw R34 without feeling back about it >~> )

    2. minespatch



  15. Skin collector, Anime fan, People that find her personality relatable, the classic. I am so so glad they're adding skins as per character change, it's been two years, i can finally finish the sets.