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  1. why are my items invisible on the ground but when i pick them up they are showed in inventory i coudnt see flint 10days before i reloged but when i reloged flint was showed but logs didnt what is going on
  2. did the update worked to u and did the fps drop stopped because i have installed the update and it didnt work
  3. i have downloaded and the thing is not wroking any other suggestions
  4. i have downloaded that patch but its still the same persistant fps drop
  5. yeah i do have win 10 still but the issue is not dissapearing even after i updated again
  6. Hi i have been playing dst since 2015 and then i had the same pc i have now GPU:AMD Radeon HD 5450 and CPU:AMD Athlon x2 240 with 4gb of ram.Back then i had windows 7 and when i played dst i had constant fps 50-60 when i installed windows 10 i didnt had this fps issue too i had 50-60 fps no problem to play and at the update on 2017 i think it was something like october-november month when the update came out and i updated my windows 10 to new version i started having fps issues being capped at 30 feeling like its 60fps but when fps goes to 37-45 the gameplay is like at 20-30 so idk whats the issue but the issue started after i updated windows 10 and if i update it once again nothing will happen probably i think im in big trouble and i need the help so i can continue playing the game i love
  7. playing this game 2 years no any issues but i have encountered this bug few days ago idk why im playing game and i have 30fps it seems like i have 60fps but when fps goes to 45 it feels like i have 20fps or 10fps so its so bad if anyone can help please do it