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  1. Custom Character: Link

    I FRICKIN LOVE THIS CUSTOM CHARACTER!!!! ok, now enough praise, there are a few problems i must address. for me, when i begin the game, nayrus love and the hylian shield fly out of my face because i have too many items in my inventory. second, the hylian for some reason does not allow me to access the backpack function. the items still go in, but they basically vanish because i cannot access them. i think it's a conflict between this and the backpack tab mod. after removing it, i was able to access the items. but after removing then replacing the shield, the same bug accured.
  2. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    every time i install this, when i load a save, or start a new one, i get no ingame changes, so i check the mod tab, and it says that it crashed.