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  1. I'm wondering how you wasted so much Nitre. It only takes 2 Nitre in the recipe for an Endothermic Fire Pit IIRC, so maybe he just made a lot of gunpowder? I like to save up enough for at least 2-3 Endo Pits in case I find a Touch Stone in a good spot where I could set up an outpost camp. <3
  2. Ah, I see J20hawkz. I was actually thinking of a type of ghost realm that dead players would go to when they die. A type of mirror world opposite to the world the other characters are in, and what you do in that world has consequences in the mortal realm. There are new obstacles and monsters to encounter in this realm, with a possibility of returning to life with help from your team or a very permanent death if you end up dying in the ghost realm. If you want a second chance at life you would need to direct your allies to create a gateway portal that would let you pass from one realm to the other. However, you also need to build a doorway on your side and you'll both need each other's help to get the materials. It's a bit jumbled up in my head at the moment, just coming up with a thought after all. One other option is that you remain a ghost permanently in this realm when you die if you failed to respawn with a touchstone or other respawn method. As a ghost I suppose there would be some sort of way to help the other players out and you would need to survive in the ghost realm as well since Soul Feasters or some type of mob/boss would constantly be seeking you out. Some new recipes would be made that would allow you to send Ghostly Materials that you can get in the ghost realm to the mortal world for your friends to build new items. Second, by using some of these Ghost Materials your friends can build an item that would allow them to send you mortal items for new strange recipes. These items can help your allies out in the mortal realm by affecting perhaps their heat, the rain, and light. Think of yourself as their guardian angel, as long a they help keep you existing by killing mobs. This is the part where I believe a resurrection could take place on a full moon with enough cooperation. You no longer have Hunger, Health, or Sanity. But instead you have something similar to Woodie's Werebeaver Log Meter. You can regain more of this to stay alive (er... existing is a better word?) by collecting Life Essence dropped in the Ghost Realm whenever a mob is killed in the mortal realm. It of course degrades rather slowly, I think it's fair to say it would take 2 full days for it to run out completely, and there might be some way to be able to get some on your own. I'm actually leaning towards the 2nd option because it very ironically gives players their "permadeath" while allowing them to experience a new side to the game.
  3. I have to say Yes/No to permadeath. But I'm leaning towards no but definitely a type of resurrection method your allies have to use. Another option is for Don't Starve Together to introduce a ghost type scenario where you're transparent and your allies can't see you, but you can see them. It's a tough topic.