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  1. Question. Would dead players be able to spectate other players?
  2. I have 2 requests. 1.When i eat something as Foxy,my hunger doesn't get up. 2.Can i help you with sentances?
  3. I wish there was a version he says only well,you know. PINGAS
  4. mod crashes,got an log. The following mod(s) have caused a failure: Up and Away Table expected as MODCONFIG value in the mod environment, got nil LUA ERROR stack traceback =[C] in function 'error' E:/Program Files (x86)/NedzeesAra/SteamApps/common/Don't Starve/data/../mods/UpAndAway/wicker/adjectives/configurable.lua(422.1) =(tail call) ? E:/Program Files (x86)/NedzeesAra/SteamApps/common/Don't Starve/data/../mods/UpAndAway/code/worldgen_main.lua(26.1) in function 'fn' E:/Program Files (x86)/NedzeesAra/SteamApps/common/Don't Starve/data/../mods/UpAndAway/wicker/init/kernel_components/loaders.lua(109.1) in function 'fn' E:/Program Files (x86)/NedzeesAra/SteamApps/common/Don't Starve/data/../mods/UpAndAway/lib/use.lua(109.1) in function 'basic_import' Mods Installed A Mortal King Advanced Farming Better Boulders Better Crashes Better Traps Buildable Mermhouse Charcoal Burner Chester Choice Clockwork Tooth Trap Craftable Butter Craftable Catcoon House Craftable Fleshy Craftable Mandrake Craftable Skull Chest Dawnbreak Dem Bones Development Tool Diggable Reeds Display Food Values Easter Egg Hunt (currently not easter but whatever) Better Evergreens Farming For Light Fish Farm Floe Best Friends Forever Gem Swords Mama Volt Goats (Goats) Golden Spear Greenhouse farming Hat,Armor,Amulet Durability Haunted House Hound Poison DLC Lunch Box Map Revealer Memory Spike Fix Mental Collapse Minimap Standard More Fuel Wilson's Snow House N Tools No More Wall F-ing Pig Fashion Pigspikes! Recall Abigail Recipe Book Revenge of The Dead Robotnik Satori Sir Daniel Fortesque Smart Crock Pot Smiley, The Stick Man Starter Inventory Storm Cellar Summer Smiles Summons Survival Gear Tenshin's Tweaks The Hungry Survivor The mod about Buckets Baverly the Bewitched (in mod list called The Weeping Willow) Throwable Rocks Tiny Alchemy Powers ROG Too Many Items Tools Durability High Weazley Where's My Beefalo? Wilson's Cabin Wilson's House with Light Wren The Stormcalled. Please Help!