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  1. (abandoned) Always On Status

    Also You can try and post the exception(error) it spews at you. But yeah, it's probably other mods.
  2. (abandoned) Always On Status

    Fair enough. But then both the °C and °F notations are inappropriate. I'm thinking of disabling the meter completely along with naughtiness one. You're right, we're not supposed to see this and it defeats the purpose of building the Thermal Measurer building in the game. To sum up my complaints: if it's not Celsius nor Fahrenheit — there should not be a letter after the temperature. 52° looks fine. But, as I said, I'm turning the thermometer and naughtimeter off so I will not keep complaining about this anymore. Good day to you too. P.S. I was not being aggressive. I was providing constructive criticism about versions and notations. I hope I don't have to explain how it is constructive.
  3. (abandoned) Always On Status

    "...jumped to conclusion..." The SW version has switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius by pressing the U key. This version doesn't. Isn't that a proof to this page being abandoned and not being updated? "...devs chose nonsense..." 1. Can You provide a link where the mentioned "devs" discuss/announce that? 2. Assuming You are telling the truth, "C" in "°C" still stands for Celsius, not for imaginary beefalo manure measurement unit. If it's not Celsius — don't use "C" after "°" as an abbreviation. I believe You realize how stupid it feels to look at a thermometer in spring and see 52°C like it's a summer in Africa. Thank You for making the mod in the first place anyway.
  4. (abandoned) Always On Status

    Downloaded and installed successfully. Noticed the temperature being 52°C in the Spring o_0 That's suposed to be hot as hell. Assuming it is in °F I edited modmain.lua to convert the value stored in the game from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Now it's 11°C, chilly — more like it. Since the author has seemingly abandoned this mod page and is only releasing new versions on Steam Workshop, I uploaded the modified Always On Status\scripts\widgets\badge.lua file here if anyone doesn't like to use Steam Workshop, doesn't live in US and doesn't have any coding skills. With this modification the temperature in RotG wil be ranging from -29°C to 32°C which looks more realistic to me. From -29°C to 5°C in vanilla. f(x)=(x-32)*5/9