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  1. 22 hours ago, bizziboi said:

    Hi, that helped.

    I think you use a mod to have more save slots, and the game is running short on cloud storage space. If you can afford it, deleting 1 or 2 saveslots should fix this. We are investigating a solution.

    i thought that it was the more saves as well. so i turned it off. but when i tested it, the bug persists.


    16 hours ago, CarlZalph said:

    You might be able to workaround this by disabling Steam's cloud feature.  Doing so won't let you sync your saves to the Steam servers for multiple computer use and emergency backups, but it should let you keep the world locally.

    i'll try this workaround shortly and update if it works or not.


    UPDATE: tried turning off the steam cloud function. but the bug is still persisting. I've also tried in this recent test: using a non hamlet character (wolfgang to be exact), making the world medium instead of large, and turning off the extra save slots again.

  2. 19 hours ago, bizziboi said:


    Thanks for the report, that's definitely odd.

    Are you using any mods?

    Could you upload your log.txt and backup_log.txt?




    yes I'm using a few mods. but nothing that alters terrain or anything.

    here's the logs you requested



    however, I've only used the two new characters on making my worlds so far. not sure if that would mean any difference though.