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  1. world regen bug

    right. so i just disabled all the mods, steam cloud is off, and still the bug persists. I've just recorded a video of this for proof. i recorded with no sound so as the video would not be too big in size. hopefully this helps. ill also add the logs with no mods enabled. 2018-11-16 14-34-20.mp4 backup_log.txt log.txt
  2. world regen bug

    of course. here ya go. backup_log.txt log.txt
  3. world regen bug

    i thought that it was the more saves as well. so i turned it off. but when i tested it, the bug persists. i'll try this workaround shortly and update if it works or not. UPDATE: tried turning off the steam cloud function. but the bug is still persisting. I've also tried in this recent test: using a non hamlet character (wolfgang to be exact), making the world medium instead of large, and turning off the extra save slots again.
  4. world regen bug

    yes I'm using a few mods. but nothing that alters terrain or anything. here's the logs you requested backup_log.txt log.txt however, I've only used the two new characters on making my worlds so far. not sure if that would mean any difference though.
  5. game regenerates the world every time i load into a hamlet world. i save, quit, and immediately load back in and it makes a fresh world every time. however, it DOES save the custom world settings. i have looked and cant find anyone else who has had this issue. im only using the hamlet option. no RoG or SW options.