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  1. Friendly reminder for those of you like this that its almost trivial to just copy a save, and even easier to just close out and reload if you've found a touch stone already and died. Non Permadeath has always been a thing for don't starve, or any perma death game that has a save system. I love perma death personally, the existance of players changes that for me somewhat. I view perma death to be more perma lose, and when playing with more than one character, it takes a TPK to "perma die" Dont starve together could go either way honestly. though I think personally that an easy way to quell this problem would be to have a time limit during which you can save your parter by healing them once they are down. a kind of "dying state" if you will. Enemies might stay agro or they might go away, not sure what would be better. either way once you have a clear path you can rush on over with some first aid and revive your ally. obviously the dying state would have a time limit of some kind, say a minute or there abouts. then death is still scary, but its a little bit easier to deal with if you're brave enough to spear those spider warriors away from your dying friend. it also heavily encourages the existing ally to risk it all on saving their friend, and if _they_ die, well... tough luck Honestly I think Klei is tackling this issue through design meetings, playtesting, and other such things, because don't starve together involves more than one person, its not straight forward to just reset because what about all the buildings? should they be able to come in as a new player? if so its not really perma death is it? can you simply restart if only one person dies? if you lose through that way though, whats to prevent griefers from simply rushing to their deaths to force you to lose? Klei isn't going to release dont starve together until they hammer out how they want to handle this stuff. it's an obvious forked road that any company staffed by two monkeys would realize they have to cross at some point to actually begin to design the rest of the experience.
  2. I voted no, but I can't help but wonder looking at options 1 and 2, why not both?