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  1. We need telelocator focus of ocean version which moves the entire boat to designated location!
  2. Got 2 krampus sack in first winter of a random public server, one from klaus and other from the spawned krampus while the klaus fight. Such thing was extremely rare even in my thousands hours of playtime.
  3. Well I definitely agree that 20 hp is a lot more essential than 33 sanity. I would gladly make the recipe if I desperately need healing food in the ruins.
  4. Catapult boat seems to be another choice for me. Not the main object for the single boat, but well, things go differently 'cause now I can drive several boat solo. Especially the ocean is more dangerous place to wander alone. Sounds for reliable for me than cannons which still requires manual control.
  5. Now THIS is a proper sand-box update!! Thank you for the docks, Klei!!
  6. Every one of these suggestions.. Are golden.
  7. If the recipe is implemented, then we finally get a stable 51 damage weapon craftable for the first time. Why not?
  8. The problem is, that whether your character is strong towards solo monkey raid or not after dealing with several monkeys you'll eventually turn into Wonkey who doesn't have any remarkable ability to deal numbers of monkey at the same time. And, the monkeys will still wreck and steal the stuffs on your boat, no matter hat. The hats as reward are really interesting, especially the Polly Roger hat, but it's way too punishing if you don't have enough thulecite crown or bramble husks. They even steal your spare helmets and use those against you! Some tuning definitely required, it seems. And.. About the cannon.. For now a single boat is obviously crowed for everything, and the magnet things don't perfectly sinc and connect every boats in long sailing, so it does not solve the problem from the bottom.
  9. The game is just unplayable because of this single bug klei plz fix
  10. I think canons will get their use in upcoming future content updates.. But for now frankly it's too inefficient to use. Moving canon's direction feels like shaking one's head and neck to brush thier teeth, i stead of moving their arm. Cannot ignore the feeling that the canon is existng just for praising the superior genius of Winona's catapult.
  11. Turf skins will be released eventually.. At least before I'll die by passage of time.
  12. Interesting idea, but I think it's hard to be implemented.. At this point.
  13. Everybody loves fish food, but nobody uses those.