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  1. So, the age old practice of delete/uninstall, redownload, and reinstall has succeeded for the second time today! [Go figure.] Reinstalled both dlc and main game from gog and hb respectively and everything's gravy without the api change. If you care to know boring details of me botching up manual installation merges by using an outdated back up in the wrong order I edited the last post I made to be extra boring. So, I promise I'll do my best not to be an idiot anymore and hopefully you'll never hear from me again, other than thanking you profusely for all of your mods [can't believe I forgot to do that!]. Thanks for helping out us casual players and providing additional content of fun across various mods. Thank you for the tech support. I'll be keeping an eye on your Up and Away mod.
  2. I'm on Windows though and RoG is installed. Edit: I think the file mash up screw up was from crossing gog dlc and humble bundle base's. I bought the dlc on my laptop and then moved the main game from my ext hdd back up to my laptop to play [before I was only playing on my desktop]. I guess the base was out of date and that the manual installation screwed something up somewhere along the lines. I checked to make sure it was update with the updater and I thought everything was fine as it reported no updates, but the merge of new and then old screwed it up, it seems. I backed up my save and mod data then redownload main games from their respective sites again today to make sure everything's up to date properly. Should I be concerned about the amount of "Could not unload undefined prefab" listed? Are they errors or just not unlocked content yet? Thank you for all of the assistance!
  3. Ah, it was in docs and not user/appdata. I knew I seen it around before when poking around my computer. "scripts/modindex.lua(206,1) Error loading mod: ActionQueue! api_version for ActionQueue is in the future, please set to the current version. (api_version is version 6, game is version 5.)" Seems to be the relevant bit.
  4. Doubled checked this. Deleted, re-downloaded and install and nada. I started new game, saved, closed and looked over to the mod screen and it says 'Crashed!' and 'Crashed on last start, automatically disabled.' Placed folder in mods, it shows up with description and your name properly, I tried enabling it, but it leads me to above problem. Will peek around to figure out if there's mod logs I can attach/CP.
  5. It works [without any of the other mods disabled]. Redownloaded, reinstalled, started new game and attacked bees and it gave me the dialouge box. o.o I have no clue, when extracting winrar didn't tell me it was corrupt or anything before. Sorry, looks like user error somehow. [it was enabled, placed same way as it was in past. No clue why it wasn't working before.] Sorry for wasting your time!
  6. Sorry x"D It'd be strange to figure out which one is causing a conflict as they seemingly all should be doing different things [seemingly no overlap]. I'll go ahead, redownload & reinstall and die again to double check things on my end.
  7. Hope you don't mind a screenshot, just to make sure I don't screw up or forget something. If installed would it take effect on a game already underway or only new games?
  8. Sylvir


    Tried to start up a new game with this mod with lastest build and crashed/refused to load, the game gave me a message and option to disable so I could continue.
  9. Doesn't seem to be working for me in lastest build. :\
  10. Sylvir

    Slurper Herd

    Does this work on lastest build? I noticed it hasn't been updated in a several months.
  11. It isn't working for me on latest build with RoG disabled. I haven't used this mod before, but upon death it's just game over.
  12. Is the one on stream workshops more up to date than on here? :\
  13. I really want to download this mod, but when I click the download button on here nothing happens! I'm not sure why, I've downloaded a few other mods on here with no problem. :"( Can it be fixed or someone reup to like mediafire or zippyshare? Also, is the one on stream workshops more up to date than on here? :\