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  1. Now that I figured out how hats work, I'm alright with it. I just hope they're setting things up for (new) 'jobs' now. It'd me nice to put a Dupe on a 'job' and they auto-priority to how the job is set to prioritize.
  2. I'm glad they're supporting the game, and I see how they want to sell the characters for $5 or whatever, unless you use spools, which can be farmed while online, etc. My mother had gathered a lot of stuff which she turned into spool and got the character, and all that is fine and great... But then she's unable to play "The Little Green Dude" without Internet, she nearly cried, and it made me nearly cry. :/ I get that Klei is trying to get into the micro-payment thing, and I want them to be able to keep the lights on, feed their kids, and create more games and support content... I do, but... ?
  3. My mother is 61 and only plays Don't Starve, Don't Starve Together, and Tetris. I'm working on other games for her, but she's just learning to use computers, and she's not interested in most other games (I've tried getting her interested in many, especially because...) She's recently grown bored with Don't Starve Together... She didn't like regular Don't Starve, Hamlet is too hard for her, although she enjoys watching me play it from time to time and loves the pig-village. (-I LOVE Hamlet!!-), and shipwrecked is also overwhelming for her (-I LOVE Shipwrecked!!- She doesn't.) After several failed attempts to get her into a different game, she finally got excited about DST again with the new characters. She visited with me and after trying then out, I started playing the little deamon-dog and she fell in love with Wormwood. A few days later I'm time she can't play Wormwood. She doesn't have internet at home, it's too expensive in her area for what the offer and she lives on a fixed income... I can understand the outfits (Which she said loves be lives without and I've convinced her to understand why they are internet only) bring online only, but the charters? Maybe make them that you can't use them to play online without unlocking them? I could probably mod the game to make them work without an internet connection, but then there's supporting those, which might break things, and is more upkeep for me (she goes to the library, uses the intent, something updates and breaks, and I'm calming hey down convincing her that her computer wasn't hacked and then have to pick up her laptop and 'fixing' it...) Could you make them work offline and LAN by default? I'm sure drive Hacker(s) out there already can do it... Just make them have to be unlocked to use with an internet connection? Heck, make the save unplayable online if one of them is in there and not unlocked, something...) I don't want to get into her life story, etc. She wants to play Wormwood, could you guys please? She unlocked him and everything already, and now she can't play him...
  4. In reverse, I've figured out where the hats are at now, and so its fine. I also hope they're going to be adding a 'jobs' feature in that can have assigned skills and priorities with a slick of the 'jobs'. That would be nice. I like the idea of some sicknesses being easy, but not all of them. Perhaps their could be new illnesses introduced that can be similar but more difficult and more deadly. Everyday illnesses that are simple to deal with, and will even burn themselves out in non-biohazard Dupes. While other illnesses could wipe out the colony if not managed properly. However, because its a game and not real life, I wish every illness to be manageable, just some more difficult than others.
  5. Because a sample could be found in a computer on the map, or taken from another planet/rock/asteroid/(Whatever they are) with rockets. I like that Klei is responsive to the problems of things going extinct and have decided to address this. However, the game needs to also be challenging to be fun. And indeed, getting 8 Pacus, or however many slicksters is just broken. Not feeling like I have to worry about maintaining a fragile homeostasis on my way to a more-true homeostasis makes the game less interesting to me. Heck, leave this feature as a non-default-checked option on release. It's a fine feature to have some fun with, new players can use it to help them stay alive and figure the game out, experienced players can use it to relax a bit and maybe try some whacky things. But, I really don't like it as a default-on feature.
  6. 1. I thought of this, and sure. 2. Just force a repick. 3. Keep items or start-over whatever. 4. Sure, it'd be limited to the number of characters that exist. Someone creating a server with this option would be aware of that on some level, it's the cost of choosing the OPTION. It's an option. Heck, it could probably be an option that could be changed (Some options, like passwords and such can be changed by reloading the server already. Also, there's ways of changing characters with the command console, so at worst this option could probably be changed on and off by command console.)
  7. You delete the main and rename the caves to main, and you get a sort-of 'caves only.' The downside is that the staircases act like wormholes without the psychological effect. I'd like it to be, no staircases, if it's 'caves only.' And I rather not have to delete the main folder and rename the cave's folder to do it. It'd like it to be part of the game-options. As this thread shows, people don't know how to do it themselves.
  8. I'd like the OPTION to require people joining the server to pick characters that haven't been picked by others currently on the server. I know clothing is t here to distinguish players, etc. Its not about that. Its so that we don't have six copies of the same character, its just not my bag. And if people don't want that kind of server, join one that's 'standard' without that option. Thanks!
  9. Hamlet and Shipwrecked added discovery and mystery (as I mentioned in another thread) back into Don't Starve. I love those mods. However, I've got friends and family that constantly bug me to play DST with them, and I'm bored out of my mind when we play together, and some of them are showing signs of being jaded too. I was posting in another thread asking for "Underground Only" and just thought of an idea... In Don't Starve there's the Gateways To Adventure, and there's the DLCs which add new worlds with different bioms. Could we maybe go deeper in Don't Starve, like Diablo or Subnautica. Have an underground to the underground? And then later you guys could add another underground to that underground? I could see issues with multiple servers on a person's computer, since each world/level is a new server, but maybe that could be managed by requiring everyone to go down or up together. Heck, maybe even require at least two players to do it, so you have to work as a group to do it or whatever. In any case, I feel I need something akin to Shipwrecked or Hamlet to keep my interest in DST. I need new things to discover. The new characters are nice and awesome, and I like them, and you should keep that up, keep adding new characters, but please, please, please, add new things to discover. Thanks!
  10. I can hack the game (delete files and such) and there's probably mods out there (I haven't looked now that I think of it) but could you guys setup "underground only" as an official setup option? It would be really cool. Thanks!
  11. I'm tired of finding the moleworms next to the frog ponds, and Glommer always next to the Pig King. Maybe throw Glommer in the other red-forest? Make the moleworms their own biom? For that matter though, could you please add more bioms or something? I love Don't Starve Shipwrecked and Hamlet, I'm aware that you guys want to keep Don't Starve Together different, and that's cool and fine. I like the new characters in Don't Starve Together, they're great as well. But the maps are getting so boring. Everything is so predictable, even when it's procedural generated 'random.' I know there's the options to use the Don't Starve bioms and other options, but please, can you do something new with the map AND make it so Moleworms aren't always next to frogs and Glommer next to the Pig king? You're not doing ShipWrecked, but maybe add in boats and islands anyway? You're not doing Hamlet, but maybe add in some of the Hamlet or Hamlet-style monsters? I'm tired of the game feeling like a grind when I play with my friends, instead of an adventure with mystery and discovery. (Shipwrecked and Hamlet added the discovery process and mystery back into Don't Starve. DST needs (for me and mine) mystery and discovery again!) Thanks!
  12. Here's what I'd like to see: Exploring other planets/rocks allows us to find artifacts. These artifacts can be researched to give special research to create new technologies, that can not be created with research otherwise. (Rocketry and exploring with rockets required to get it!) One piece of technology that can either be found or unlocked is a machine that you cay put things made of Genetic Ooze into, and it extracts the genetic ooze from them. Another piece of machinery would be a new new printer (or possibly something to hack the original printer) and then genetic ooze can be added to the new mini printer (or the original printer) as a material resource. Another device could be a device that allows dupes to scan living objects from the same range they can mine, scientists or the science skills perhaps might be necessary to do it. This scan gives a "DNA Sample" or "Genetic Sample" or something. That DNA/Genetic sample can be fed into a computer station that's wired into the mini printer, (or the connected to the big printer to 'hack it'). With that DNA sampled added into the device, the genetic ooze added into another device that pumps it into the mini printer (or original printer) and when all this comes together, plus perhaps the science and medical skills being maxed out to use this stuff or at least some of this stuff... ...The dupes would have to supply a continuous amount of power, failing power would cause the print/experiment to fail. Any power drops causes complete failure that will give ruined genetic ooze that could maybe be turned into dirt by super heating it or something... All these things come together, and ZAAP! Frankenstein's monster! You get a new shine bug, a new hatch, whatever, based on the DNA sample given to it. I don't like it when a map has a single shine bug and it dies before I can even dig to it, but it would be nice if I could work towards replacing it so I can create a 'world' with homeostasis. Becoming master of the universe late-game would be a goal to strive for. Survival < Homeostasis < Master of the Universe
  13. I miss the hats. I don't think all illness should be able to be shaken off without care. Rest/sleep should effect a dupes 'immune system' (which is now gone. )
  14. Maybe we could get DNA from creatures and hack the printer, and use genetic ooze, to print lost animals? Very, very, very high tech?
  15. I'm pretty sure rocketry is for getting critters that you've lost, I haven't done it yet, am I wrong? I got early slicksters, and it's kinda fun, but at the same time I have no reason to dig down to oil then.