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  1. Forget this, the author is not active since Oct 14 2014. :3
  2. Soo... I guess you wont update or answering question anymore?
  3. Umm.. sorry still don't get it. Well spinning sounds like a nice idea. Maybe I'll do that for my next world. I saw your post about your base! It's a nice base. Give me many good ideas especially spiderfarm with bunny!
  4. Southern Edge of Base - Bees and Farms Wow that's cool! So many chest, must be rich with resource, huh? Btw i know the deep freeze refrigerator in there, but what is some stone box thingy near you character in first picture?
  5. Me too. I can't open the gate. Do we need using some tools? Found the problem. I'm using custom character. If I play using generic character the gates work just fine. Is it the problem with the gate mods or with the character mods? I'm gonna try with other mods character, will give you the report after that.
  6. We can do that? Wow that's awesome! I tried it, but maybe I won't use that too much because the exploring part was somewhat fun for me. xD What'd you need Tallbird nest for? Pig King and Walrus' Camp I could understand, but why tallbird? Don't forget to give me a peek for your base! lol. If you see other's bases, you won't think that I was "going places". Yeah I already did that. I completed the quest "Krampus Sack", and "Eyebrella". And for whatever reason decided to go to the next world via teleportato! Wow is that even possible? Aren't the giant and monster will still spawning? It'll be like suddenly a giant appear on your house! Especially when Dragonfly appear. Isn't that gonna be hell? What is the potatocup?
  7. Can't wait to see your base! Just some thought. Why do you need to bring back the theculite & fragments, and 3 colored gem? As far as i know, those only can be crafted in ruins right? If you have post near the entrance of ruins, you can store the item you want to bring back to overworld (gold, nitre, or lightbulb) before going to ruins, and after getting loot from ruins, you could store them in the post (you can't use that in overworld anyway) and bring the gold-nitre thing! Well, that's what I did. xD Wow that is a LOT! kinda jealous. spider silk I can get with ease using traps, but I only have half stack of tooth. And this is my new world, so many things to do before i could farming some tooth. Yeah, my world is huge too. But I think the "huge" part only work on my new world. In the previous world I don't feel like the map is huge, but in the new one, the world is HUUGEEE. Kinda hard to decide where my base should be. And still not seeing any walrus camp. Hope not only one in this world. I very much will! But I don't think it's anytime soon. because it's only my 4 day or so in the new world.
  8. Thank You! Okay! I'll send a bit of my luck. How long you have to wait is depend on your distance with me. So if until day 1000 or so you haven't got it yet, maybe you must consider move to Indonesia. Yeah, I try to pre-build everything, and making new base is really easy. Need many resource tho. It's a nice tip! Wow you're very lucky about that. In my world I only found one camp and it's really far away from my base. Maybe you have to send me your luck about that one. Wow it's seems you have neat schedule there. I really can't imagine how big your base is if you need 6 flingomatics to keep it from fire. If you have pics or link to the picture of your base, please send me. Maybe I can learn something or two. Why not build a litle cave base? I make something like that and it's really helped. Cave spider give silk too so you only need to bring hound's tooth for sewing kit to repair your gear. And have 3 walrus' camp near each other make you have lot of tooth no? Only suggesting, but what did a noob like me know. lol By the way, I decided to move to new world via teleportato now. Because I think one Walrus camp isn't enough for farming tooth. And tooth is really important! Another reason is after saw so many gorgeous base in other threat make me want to remake my base from the start.
  9. I got it!! I GOT IT!! I got the KRAMPUS SACK! It's only like my 4 or 5th Krampus encounter and I got it!!! A little proof: Just Want to share the happiness! One task crossed on the checklist. Still trying to build all the recipe.. I still not have Tam o'shanter myself. maybe next winter i'll make it my mission! Me too wanna have many base scatered, but lots and lots my item already piling in my current base so maybe it'll be difficult to scatter it. lol You must try RoG! it's so much fun and more challenging!
  10. Oh so it will increase the spider dens in the world but only I'm there right? Thx for answering that. It's a shame becauseI want to change my world setting while still get the item from previous world. Because HUGE world is tiring. Well that definitely going to the checklist. Build everything so i have all the recipe for the next world. That's a great idea. Wow. You already at day 700 and still not get the krampus sack? Thats.... terrible Make me pessimist about my mission lol But what do you do until day 700? I mean I'm only at day 100 and foolishly feels like nothing to do. Thank you very much! Wow like always there's lots of word from your answer and very detail indeed truthseeker. Well I want to make it but I'm using Warfarin mods and they only have 65 healt. So unfortunately I can't make effigy because that'll make my health 35. I don't think I'm that good to play some 35 health character. lol. And thank you for the link! I just considering make a topic like those. I'll see that immediately! Yeah. the easiest way is to kill glommer. Unfortunately glommer only appear one every full moon. I plan to do that. But seeing spencer320's post about day 700 and still haven't get krampus sack yet make me... Wait so I go to the advanture mode without items and going out from it with the item I had on the adventure mode? That's useful. And how much is "a little time"? a day or so? Can i just immediately hop in to adventure mode again? Wow idk about the spring thing. Nice Info! Yeah maybe i'll make spider farm with pig near to it. It's shame that pigs and spider eat all the meat tho. Another nice tips. Thanks! So Have walking cane + the hat + sewing kits; Pre-build all the placeable; And go with big inventory right? I plan to do it after i get enough ruins item. Because they're powerful but non-renewable. Hmm.. after reading this i realize i still not explore ruins completely. I'll try to find the ancient guardian and make the shooter. Bearger eat that?? He's on par for annoyance with fireflies. -_- I have some gunpowder. But for some reason I hesitate using that because the nitre is hard to find for high quantity. If we use gunpowder to make an earthquake, is it worth? Because i'm the type to pile lots of the item before using it. lol I already have it! Ok, will check on that! Well yeah. I really thank the all the replies for that! So how about you? Do you have any other ideas? What day are you in? Btw thanks for the reply.
  11. Wow don't realize we have a topic like this. I consider make a topik like this myself before someone gave me link for this topic. Haven't see all the post yet, but I will and give some responds. Here is my base: My Lovely Base Food Source Basic Supply Little Panic Room
  12. Agreed. They're some kickass character. Please tell me if you make expansion-pack-like mod for Warfarin like more armor & weapon or something. Day 40? Wow that's fast! Okay, will put that in the checklist. Maybe you can share some of your base/village for inspiration? Yep. I already did that. But only one though. I have like three of those. And I'm using "Huge" as world setting so my cave is HUUGE. lol But I think the overworld not affected by the setting cause it just same as default for me. = / Firstly, thanks for answering. Oh actually I have a question about that. If we use teleportatio we can change character right? What about world settings? can we change that? I think I'll using the teleportatio if I've collected full stack of non renewable things like ruins ore, gears, and something like that. Ah, it is a good idea. But for some reason I kinda feel it was a waste to destroy spider nest if it's not tier 3. Oh yeah i have some question about that too. Did the spider queen increase the total spider nest in world? Cause I heard the spider queen will make one tier 1 spider nest and she herself will become one tier 1 spider nest. If that's true doesn't it make spider nest increase in world?
  13. Wow the father of Warfarin himself. lol I love your character very much. His sticky finger that can pick some item instantly is really helpful. What do you mean by castle or fortress? Did you mean cover my base with walls?