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  1. Equivalent Exchange v2 (SW Compatible)

    Thanks, this is very helpful, I made a farm in the dessert and got exceed of tumbleweeds, roughly 5 gems per day, more than 100 gold per day!!!, thats helping me a lot with my base building, already 2x2 turfs covered with lvl 3 stone walls, Im hound inmune!!!, thanks you again, good luck!!!
  2. Equivalent Exchange v2 (SW Compatible)

    Hello DevilXD I find your mod to be the best, it allows renewable resources without breaking the game, is balanced, has got a good concept, and is now SW compatible!!! Its my ''must have'', I have a question ¿Wich are the items that can't be created with this mod?, I don't need all of them just something like a ''category'', from what I have seen in the post I will give you a little example, ''All Foods'' -except seeds, I really like this, thanks for creating the mod!!! <3