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  1. how do u manipulate location of lunch box inventory? im using season clock + minimap mod so i cant even click on the inventory with these mods on. is there way to relocate the location of lunch box inventory?
  2. Ok, I love the idea of upgrade chest to store more items in, this is amazing. However, the crate n ice chest takes too much space to build, n its making me think if this is worth building because its taking more space then regular chest. i mean this crate give 16 space chest, yet i can build regular chest that takes same space, 3 ~ 4 of regular chest, witch gives 27 or more storage space. not sure if it just me but... this space management is really bugging me Maybe increase crate size? or make the building size smaller?
  3. how do u change that hunger, sainity, n health words to the icon? ok i think i just had that bug with no icon showing, looks like its ok now.
  4. there is one problem i face. i cant bury webber skull in the grave... i downloaded this mod in my cleared game and tried to get webber. but it keeps telling me that i have to dig a hole to bury the skull. but i already duged a hole.
  5. it seems this mod is not working for me. when i follow the trail to the last one and koalefant spawns game is crashing. i tried using this mod without any other mods and it works fine... but i find few mods not working together... anyway to fix this?
  6. why is there hybrid banana seed in the mod? does it come with this mod? any information about this banana?
  7. reading ur mechenics answered all my questions. awsome mod, thank you! ^ ^
  8. i got all the numbers what they mean, except the xx/xx one. In picture 0/38, what is this number stand for?