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  1. Your Wormwood play styles?

    Yeah, I love the idea of Wormwood but his health management is an absolute nightmare early game. I've already died 3 times with him, never made it into the lush season. Other than buying stuff you can use the compost wrap, mosquito sacks or kill monkeys, get their glands and make salve. I guess you can also try a Wishing Well but gold nuggets are so rare and desirable in Hamlet it seems like a waste. The problem with all that is if you screw up and you're really low on health it takes a while to collect enough manure for a couple of wraps and fighting monkeys is risky and takes a lot of resources if you aren't doing it perfectly. And good luck finding enough mosquito sacks if you suddenly need to restore 60 HP or more. One of the biggest frustrations is killing the pig guards. With how time consuming it is they often switch to torches and then one hit sets you on fire and strips you of a huge chunk of health. I imagine it'd be somewhat easier if you can survive the first year or so and have an established base. Honey Poultice is only 5 oincs. But still, I guess playing Wormwood is completely impractical if you aren't great with the game since you have to limit you health loss much more than with other characters. As for sanity, I find it very easy to manage. Chopping and replanting a few trees, planting a few seeds you find, digging into dung piles...there are a lot of options. I was almost never insane in my playthroughs. It's only the health that's very hard for me to manage.
  2. my problems with Wheeler

    The standard inventory size is infuriating enough thank you very much. Only 15 slots even though you need like 4 tools everywhere you go and at least 4 basic materials (twigs, logs, grass, flint), plus one or two slots for food and a light source.... With a backpack you have like 10 slots for drops. In an open world survival game where you often have to travel away from the base for several days straight. Plus you can't even have a backpack and an armor at the same time. Ridiculous. Without mods this game would be so much more grindy and annoying to play for me. Considering all that Wheeler's inventory size plus the incentive to have it as empty as possible is an absolute joke.
  3. I'm sure I'd have a blast with DST if I had a couple of friends playing the game too. I've tried with randos and I had hard time caring about anything happening in the game. And playing DST solo doesn't make sense, DS is much better balanced for a solo experience.
  4. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    Goddamn, my second try with Wigfrid and I died of hunger again. This time the giant bird ate me just when I was hungry and getting ready to hunt for food. And in his nest and in the dungeons there is no food. I always took Wigfrid as an easy mode but not in Hamlet apparently. My next try will be with someone else, probably the little tree guy. EDIT: Little tree guy is a lot of fun, I like how easy his sanity management is but hot damn, healing him is a nightmare. I ran with like 10 HP for half an hour, scavenging resources for his healing balm, then I got killed by bats. Overall if Klei's goal was to subvert player's routine ways of playing they have succeeded. I have sunk over 200 hours in DS and I've never expected having so much trouble to survive.
  5. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    Heh, I'm doing my first playthrough largely blind so I have no idea what you're talking about. Gonna find out soon I suppose.
  6. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    I think my problem is I started my first Hamlet playthrough with Wigfrid. I guess any other character would be easier with so much asparagus laying around. I realized getting grass - and also berries and veggies - is very easy. You just steal them from the suburban farms. Sure the guard will get mad but he's very easy to dodge and he doesn't alert the other guards. Feels like cheating to be honest.
  7. Why does fog exist

    Just make up a reason why you find fog culturally problematic and Klei will remove it the next day. I mean fog is very English and the British empire stomped on so many people. You're welcome. Sorry, couldn't help it.
  8. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    I'm sorry what? You got mad at me? Did I say anything offensive? Or you just habitually insult people for no reason?
  9. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    Yeah, or you can use directly as a filler for meatballs - that's my point about inefficiency. I did play Warly and it was a blast. I just wish for a more fundamental change.
  10. Yeah, plus the quests in Hamlet are way too little compared to what I'd like. My idea would be basically take the vanilla Adventure Mode and pump it full of steroids - make it bigger, more complex, more awesome. And make 3 or 4 of those If Klei focused on that instead of trying to make another sandbox mode I think the fans would be happier.
  11. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    Thanks Majestix, believe me, I've tried to wean myself off meatballs since RoG but there just isn't a more efficient option. Pierogi need eggs which you can only get by feeding a bird - very inefficient. Plus you don't usually need health from food, you need to reduce hunger first and foremost. Turkey Dinner needs drumsticks, not exactly a reliable food item to get. Same for most other ingredients - they're way too annoying to obtain compared to 1 monster meat and 3 fillers for meatballs. Actually I've been complaining about the food system for years now. They made meatballs simply too efficient and most other recipes too much pain in the butt to get. I had hoped so much they'd fix it in SW but it's even worse. The comparison between how much work it takes to fill up from mussels or lobsters or fish vs. meatballs is ridiculous. Basically the core problem is most reasonably easy recipes only give around 30 hunger - if Klei fixed that they would fix 80% of the meatball problem.
  12. To be clear, I love Shipwrecked. Hamlet isn't bad but I'm on the fence about it so far, mainly because it puts so much emphasis on selling clippings and berries and buying stuff. Anyway I've always hoped and prayed for more adventures rather than more sandbox modes. I'd love Klei to give us more stuff like the Adventure Mode or some other challenge runs. I feel the game doesn't need more sandbox DLCs like SW and H. If there's still anything to add it's something different from a sandbox mode, something more akin to structured maps or scenarios with goals to meet. That would be literally Christmas for me. Am I alone in this?
  13. I like Shipwrecked a lot actually. I'm on the fence with Hamlet so far, mainly because it puts so much emphasis on selling clippings and berries and buying stuff. That's not the reason people play survival games I feel. It has some great ideas though, I really love the new biomes and I WAY prefer Hamlet ruins to the vanilla caves and ruins. But introducing civilization and trading, yeah, not exactly a traditional survival features. I always hoped and prayed for more adventures actually. I'd love Klei to give us more stuff like the Adventure Mode or some other challenge runs. The game doesn't need more sandbox DLCs like SW and H. If there's still anything to add it's something different from a sandbox mode, something more akin to structured maps or scenarios with goals to meet. That would be literally Christmas for me.
  14. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    Ok thanks Mel Gibson. Seems the key is to wait till the bats get more numerous. Until then I'll just eat whatever I can find (a bit more difficult since I'm playing as Wigfrid).
  15. I've played Hamlet for a few hours now but I'm realizing it probably requires a different way of playing. I have about 200 hours in DS in general so I started playing the way I was used to but I'm having trouble doing that. First food. My usual tactic is to build a base next to a beeffalo herd and plant a spider nest or two nearby. Then I run bring all the berry bushes I can find and plant a farm. With about 20 bushes and two spider nests my food and silk problems are solved for an eternity, I just keep making meatballs and I'm fine. Sometimes I kill a beeffalo and make a few jerkies to replenish health and sanity. However in Hamlet things aren't as easy. First, obtaining monster meat seems to be more difficult. So far I've only seen two types of monsters frequent enough to farm - the weevols and the toothy plants. The former drop eat only rarely, the latter not at all. I've found a scorpion in a cave once and it dropped a piece but I can't find any farmable spot for them. I've also found a mant hill but the one mant that patrolled around didn't drop meat, only chitin. Plus the hill is on the other end of the map. There are also the spider monkeys but they're a bit too beefy to farm. As for normal meat, I was farming the guard pigs but fighting them is very annoying and the idea of this being my main source of food isn't appealing at all. Killing the hippos is quite easy and they drop 4 meats but I quickly found out they don't reproduce fast enough to farm. I basically ate all of them in my vicinity in the first few days. And there don't seem to be any koalefants in Hamlet. So what's the deal with food in Hamlet? Am I doing it wrong building my base in the city? Are you just supposed to sell clippings and berries and buy food? The same goes for silk - it's way more difficult to get silk from the spider monkeys and trees, are you supposed to buy ready made products from shops? Thanks!