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  1. Thank a lot. Mod work perfect withe new version 102572
  2. Hi Simplex, yours Mod work perfect, but with the my Game ver 102535, the game will crash when i feed the Pig, just 2-5 meat with some pig then the game crash. I test with all the mods, but when i copy this mod to folder Mods the game will crash when feed something to Pig. Hope you fix it soon, cause your mod is awesome Here is some information:
  3. Thank you, simplex. I update the game and it works perfect
  4. My Version is Rev.100947, when i go to Mods tab ingame, it say : " Crashed on last start, automaticalyy dissabled"
  5. I can't active this mod in Mods tab, it say crash and unable to active. Hope you fix this. Thank you