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  1. But when you have that mod already, nothing left to play, you just have to walk around and wait the time past. It mean the same as you are trapped as maxwell, you have everything but you can't have one most important thing: freedom!

    If you stay in the last chapter of the adventure mode in the daylight and have all the map revealed, you will understand what I'm talking about. It a bit fun, try!

    "Stay in the last chapter (checkmate) of the adventure mode in the daylight and have all the map revealed"

  2. I have an idea for your next "mod". It's a "magic button" and every character starts the game with it. When you press the button, it reveals the entire map, kills all monsters in the world, collects every single resource on the map, puts you in god mode, unlocks every crafting recipe, creates the perfect base, unlocks every character and then pops a flag out of the ground saying "you win!!" with fireworks in the background.

    Haha, so you hate over power?

    I think i will make a lot of quest to craft this tool in next version, and what about 1% it will dissapear and change in to the tool you are using? That look like when you chop down a tree, you will have 1% that the golden spear will change in to the golden axe.


    By the way, this version is just for you to test this tool. 

  3. this is just for fun! so much people created weapon so power ful, but you can't use it to chop tree, so you can try the new here to do every thing and no need to switch tools! I already made an more powerful version that it include power of an amor, but it like you are using god mode, so I took it out. I will make a non-OP version later, but giving you a tool that you can't even craft to test it? No, just test it first and I'll make an another version!

  4. it craft is golden axe+golden pickaxe+ golden shovel+ fishing rod+ bugnet+torch+hammer+spear+10 gold nugget. 10 gold nugget is for the infinitive use. and it's power is include all of them and Bat Bat + walking cane!

    of course I want it expensive but too expensive make player can't craft it so player who doesn't use console to get all recipes to craft it. I will add Bat Bat and walking cane to the recipes for some future update.