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  1. Just now, Viktor234 said:

    Statue dropped sketch & summoned Rook just like intended, the sketch got destroyed by the falling meteorites.

    That does have nothing in common with that bug.

    hmm if sketch got destroyed by falling meteor then in the world you can still pick sketch from tumble weeds then.
    but from what we see in the bug world the head/nose is gone but the body still remain, strange, maybe someone else griefed that server and carry the head/nose away.

  2. 1 minute ago, Viktor234 said:


    I kept repairing & throwing meteorites at it, it didn't disappear at all.

    oh so the first half part of the bug maybe wrong then, could you try throw meteorites at new moon or full moon?
    Also the second part still remain same, if you hide/block way to fix statues, tumble weeds wont drop the corresponding sketch.
    Example is this bug  


  3. On 7/14/2020 at 6:24 PM, Viktor234 said:

    Can't reproduce it at all: The only thing which can be destroyed is the sketch, but it is renewable by harvesting tumbleweeds. The heads and the statues on the other hand can't be destroyed by meteorites.

    Reading the post again,
    First you have  to repair the body, then let meteor hit the repaired body.
    Also tumble weeds only drop sketch if sketch already drop by repairing statues before, which in this case already gone and can no longer repaired. World is wasted.

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  4. 20 minutes ago, Cuikui said:

    How do you drown Suspicious Marble in a place inaccessible by boat ? (Without console command)

    "I wont discuss about how i put them down there in first place, because i dont want worlds to be ruined because of this."
    so unless klei dev actually reply to this post to make sure this bug is fix i wont reveal how.