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  1. Forge Oceania Servers?

    So at the beginning of Forge, I and many other of my server members were able to connect to servers that were at less than 100 ping in Australia. Now we're lucky to get a server under 200 ping. So what's up with that? Are there no longer any Oceania servers? Every time we've set up a custom game, I personally have gotten around 280 ping.
  2. So, currently if an admin/mod sees a player grief or steal, they can ban the player, and rollback the server. Sometimes though, a rollback isn't necessary, or it would be a hassle to rollback the server (like if it happens right before the server saves, and so almost 8 minutes of progress is lost). Sometimes, such griefers will take items with them that may be impossible to replace without the hassle of bringing up server commands and prefab names. If a banned player drops their inventory, this would save admins a lot of hassle and time. Perhaps also a button for admins only to drop a player's inventory via a single button (With a confirmation) rather than having to find out their player number, command drop their inventory, and ban them, which may give them time to leave the server, forcing the owner to have to manually add them to the banlist via config files.
  3. So jellybeans no longer stack, okay. Were they nerfed further than that? Do they still give 5 health every 2 seconds for 5 minutes, or was this reduced too?
  4. You were never supposed to be able to keep the eye bone in your inventory after logging out. Players always drop the eyebone, Glommer's flower and Starsky when logging out. If you were playing on a public server, someone might've picked it up. Do you mean to say that the eyebone is nowhere in your world? If this is your server, try teleporting to Chester.
  5. For the telelocator staff and weather pain, how about instead of completely removing the ability to use it on non-pvp servers against other players, you just turn it into a toggleable option (With it being disabled by default, of course)? It may have been unintended, but giving players options like this can't hurt. Hell, some people actually like the summer and winter traps, maybe have that as a toggleable option too, with it being disabled by default.