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  1. XD Funny story time! I was just outside shoveling mulch onto plants for my Granddad, and I came inside smelling awful (because of the mulch) and my step mom said "Wow you smell terrible, Kev." to which I replied "Yea, mulch sucks, it's just a bunch of smelly, wet, dirt." Than my Granddad walks into the room looking really offended. he said to both my step mom and I "Mulch is NOT wet, smelly, dirt and you should be thankful we have it." Than he walked out of the room. My step mom and I just looked at each other with the most confused looks XD!

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    2. PlusFiveCharisma


      0_0 He takes his mulch VERY seriously... I guess lol!

    3. PlusFiveCharisma


      He later said that he was kidding but nobody could tell! He seems so convinced that mulch was the ultimate form of ground cover =P

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