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  1. Wormwood can eats ash to heal and it's broken. Klei please nerf! He burnt his friends just to heal him...
  2. As you can see, in 2 photos I was unable to place down stuff in that area (marked red with geometry) even that area is empty. This bug is so annoying when it comes to basing :(. This bug happened in my older world too.
  3. And maybe an option to disable decorating vines and overlay vine moving while in the deep forest. Have an option to disable tall grass spraying would be good too.
  4. Recently, I encounter a world with a really weird world, the gas forest splits in half. Enter the herald ruin get me to the fifth island but that fifth island only contains ONLY that rain forest biome ruin get you to so there are no other biome also mean there is no aporkalypse calendar ruin... Sadly, I was about to screenshot it but I died a minute after (but I still want to report this) and I can promise it's legit.
  5. Teleporting the beefalo while you are mounting it will make you and the beefalo invisible and unable to move until the beefalo knock you down.
  6. Player does collecting(?) animation when opens wood gate, I don't know if this a bug...