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  1. (abandoned) Always On Status

    Nevermind, i did it! Thank you!
  2. (abandoned) Always On Status

    Which is the Icons version?? Always On Status - Bars for RPG HUD 20-25.rar21.26KBDownload Always On Status - Bars for RPG HUD 55.rar21.24KBDownload Always On Status - Bars.rar20.75KBDownload Always On Status - Icons.rar
  3. (abandoned) Always On Status

    Ive dowloaded the mod. I activate it but it does not appear in any of my saves. Not even new ones created with the mond activated. I dont know what to do. I need help. I want the one that has the "Regular icons with a numeric tab underneath" but i do not know which version is that. I have the lastest version and RoG DLC, all from Steam. Please help me!